And yes, Mastodon makes an brief, slightly sad appearance:

> I try to fill the social media hole in my life by joining Mastodon, an open-source, decentralized Twitter-like social network... I try a toot or two, but honestly, I find the idea of building yet another online social network exhausting. So after signing in a couple of times, I abandon it. Network effects are real and powerful.

@schlink if you're just trying to get away from Google, Mastodon is fine, but if you're trying to get your life back because you're addicted to your phone, Mastodon is probably even worse than Twitter.

Except for the Microsoft week, all else sounded like she was a volunteer slave, or like describing having the stockholm syndrome.

@schlink they are real and powerful, but there’s lots more people here than there were. Enough interesting people to keep me entertained anyway, just need to seek them out a little.

@schlink I actually experimented with blocking Google back in 2016. I was not so server savvy back then so I just solved it locally on my windows PC.

I wrote two (Dutch language) blogposts about the how and why:

How and why I want to block Google:

Block Google IP's and hostnames on a windows PC:

I should really get my blog going again!

@schlink my home internet was out most of this week and I'm pretty sure if you replace Apple with Cloudflare that's 100% equivalent to me blocking all five companies for a week.

apple cult 

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