"Critics of the big tech companies are often told, 'If you don’t like the company, don’t use its products.' I did this experiment to find out if that is possible, and I found out that it’s not—with the exception of Apple."

What happened when a reporter blocks blocked Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple for a week.

- Onionshare
- Jitsi
- Purism laptop
- Nokia phone
- physical maps, calendar, and books
- cash

When I was 12, the main way of sending large files over the internet was all the sites like megaupload, rapidshare, etc.

Most of them are dead by now, but is still doing fine from what I've seen. Wouldn't that be a viable alternative to gdrive/dropbox/etc ?

@DJWalnut @schlink
Well, I was trying to think of some newbie-friendly option. Of course we have stuff like ipfs, onionshare, nginx on raspi with port-forwarding, or owncloud on a VPS. But it's hard for a non-tech person to use that stuff, and even for your average entry-level-tech-savvy kid who can edit a meme picture in GIMP.

@Wolf480pl @schlink I do agree that we need to make these tools easier to use for more people

@Wolf480pl @schlink I think it's time to bring back direct P2P file transfers (no middleman to upload to) like what we used to have with IRC's DCC and file transfers over ICQ.

OnionShare is a good start though going over Tor slows things down if you don't need that level of anonymity.

RerroShare takes too much work for a simple file transfer. is okay (when it works) but not quite what I have in mind.

@polychrome @schlink
But we still have DCC, it's just that some of us are behind NAT....

@Wolf480pl @schlink ICE/STUN should resolve that unless you need TURN in which case you're better off using a third party server upload anyway 🤷‍♀️

@polychrome @schlink
Also, IPv6 should resolve that when all IPSs move...
*delude delude*

@anna @schlink

is aws a privacy risk tho? i can see alexa, but how does public cloud tie into surveillance capitalism?

@xj9 @schlink i mean its the machine that powers surveillance capitalism. amazon makes buko bux from aws and if you're trying to cut out all tech giants, you gotta give up everything that runs off it, it's not JUST about what effects you personally

@anna @schlink

the big 5 all have their own cloud platforms. so is the problem data-at-scale? they aren’t the only surveillance capitalists, so is the problem the behavior or the technology and the unprecedented scale that it enables?

i’m down to boycott amazon, but i’m trying to have a more nuanced perspective on this topic. we do want something cloud like, because it makes things like fediverse possible. easy self hosting, no messing with hardware, &c.

when does useful tech become spyware?

@xj9 @schlink the article series does a good job of explaining the underpinnings and why, its not JUST about surveillance capitalism, but about how it is damn near impossible to opt out of these companies, and doing so is completely inacessible to nearly everyone. even the most diehard "digital vegans" or whatever don't block AWS on a daily basis because they can't.

@anna @schlink

not without self-hosting you can't. sharing a 200MiB file on owncloud isn't hard. HTTP handles data files of that size just fine. it *is* difficult to opt out if there aren't alternatives for the activities that you want to do. the article does touch on this, but with very little depth.

@xj9 @schlink The thing about the article is that it's not a primer on how to use your own self hosted stuff, it's
a commentary on the social effects of it. The author had some pretty smart people who knew a lot about this kind of thing helping her out. As a digital vegan dabbler, I don't really feel like there was anything really missed in the execution of this challenge

@anna @schlink

aha! these commentary things always get me. author is pointing at a thing that looks like a puzzle to me and i’m trying to solve it.

@xj9 @schlink The articles arent really what they appears to be at first. It's not like, oh no, I couldn't use an app to get my soy latte. The problem of not using these companies was solved(ish), the article was about living without them, and what it means, and the consequences and costs of doing so

@schlink I've been trying to stay away from using the tech giants too and I just kinda wound up throwing everything into Microsoft.

They're the evil I know best.

My biggest suggestion is diversify your services, stop using chrome, do stuff offline, use a library for information and get rid of always listening devices.

Oh and support political actions that aggravate big tech companies.

@schlink My Nokia phone uses Android. Another one uses Kai OS, which started to have Google's things inside.

@schlink bs, cutting them off is really easy. these are weak excuses

@alextee @schlink Cash should be easier to use. Credit cards are scary in a variety of ways

Nothing to do but turn them all into user+worker democratically run cooperatives.

@schlink this is a warning, a call to action. Not the song of our surrender.

@schlink @dajbelshaw the biggest shock for me is how they were surprised that they could entertain a 1 year old withou5 an iPad!

She was also on wburs On Point talking about it if anyone wanted to listen to the story in podcast form.

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