Finally wrote up a blog post about Medic, my CLI that checks a KeePass database against the HaveIBeenPwned password database

Lmk if anything is wrong/unclear or other suggestions!


I like this write-up a lot. I don't use KeyPass, but I'm tempted to download your app just to see the progress bars in action—I've been meaning to check out the options for that sort of thing.

Re: your discussion of `is_some()`—I _think_ that the `if let` syntax ( would give you the same control flow and give you a binding to the unwrapped value. See this playground (which won't compile on its own)

@schlink For offline processing of the entire list, I just loaded the file into a database.

I was tempted to create some intermediate file format that turned the list of hashes into a hash set to mmap(), but a database was the path of least resistance for my use.

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