'I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything'

"The more frequent effect of the Google block though is that the internet itself slows down dramatically for me.

"Most of the websites I visit have frustratingly long load times because so many of them rely on resources from Google... On Airbnb, photos won’t load... Because I’m blocking Google, Dropbox thinks I’m not a real person and won’t let me sign in."

(just to be totally clear: I didn't write this, nor have I attempted the herculean feat of cutting google out of my digital life)

Interesting read. Maybe we shouldn't block loading resources but use a proxy to return some form of valid (but not real) data, to satisfy the endpoint requesting or waiting on a response

@schlink Google has been essentially given control of the commercial Internet.

@schlink ah I know Kash. I have thoughts on this piece that I ought to share to her

I did not manage to stop writing mails to gmail users so far... Besides that I think I'm doing not so bad in staying google free. Luckily I don't need airbnb nor Dropbox...

@schlink don't read the comments, many people don't seem to understand why Google's practice and monopoly is actually bad 🙄
@schlink I heard a pretty interesting argument against "I have nothing to hide" recently: If you really have nothing to hide, why close the door of the bathroom?
@schlink now writing "i cut gizmodo out of my life and now it couldn't be better"

@greg curious— what are your issues with the piece?

@schlink I watched the video and I'm annoyed. It has a vibe of "everything is bad, you can try it if you're crazy but you won't survive". Which is not what I would like to encourage in viewers. "this website has only three login options" no, there's fucking email field, right there!
I'm sorry, it's not by you, I'm just annoyed. It's possible and not thaaat drastic IMO but if you're entangled in this mess, especially for work then maybe yeah, it's harder.

@charlag @schlink does email log in work if you registered with Google?

@charlag @schlink coz ykno, the whole idea there is to not have to fill in a registration form with email and password and stuff
(although I've used sites that let me add those later. but I think there were some that didn't even have their own login.)

@grainloom @schlink why wouldn't it?.. i think the point was that she didn't add the email before or something...

@schlink That article has 18 trackers, at least of of which are google, at least one amazon and and at least one facebook.

@schlink To quote Upton Sinclair, 'It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.'

*finds out something is hard* welp, guess we better give up then.

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