FYI I should have referred to this as "the large list of emails/and passwords". It's not clear if the breaches themselves were recent.

From Motherboard: "The ‘Biggest EVER’ Collection of Hacked Passwords Is Not That Bad"

@schlink thank you for this. KeepassXC might be the cross-platform fix I've been looking for.

I simply use the firefox built-in password manager+the following line in my .zshrc:

alias npw="apg -n 1 -a 0 -m 50|xsel -i"

And I have that alias only to not add another extension,as I already have 41 enabled extensions

@schlink Another recommendatoin for people in the thread: if you're a big nerd who already uses git and the command line for everything and are comfortable with GPG, I've been using for a while and love it. It's definitely not a general-audience tool, but if it fits in with the tools you already use, it's great.

@schlink I used the dmenu client for a while, and have recently started using the rofi client, which is great. QtPass is a nice GUI that I use when I'm on Windows, and I use PasswordStore on my phone.

@schlink Can someone enlighten me?
In what regard is KeePassXC more desirable than Password Safe?

I personally prefer Bitwarden. It is hosted but if I want to I can self-host it. I can even add TOTP if I pay for premium, but I'm not sure I can use that when I go the self-host route 🙂

@schlink I've started using bitwarden recently and have had good experiences so far. Whatever people choose, having a password manager is better than having no password manager!

@schlink I started using KeepassXC a few months ago, and password management has become much easier and more secure for me.

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