Random reminder to use a password manager if you aren't already! It'll help you stay safe online by using long, unique passwords for each service you use.

While LastPass or 1Password are great choices, I prefer KeePassXC

Official site: keepassxc.org/

Official quick-start guide: keepassxc.org/quickstart/

My getting-started guide: sts10.github.io/2017/06/27/kee

@schlink Another alternative over password managers is deterministic password generators: You just always generate the same password for the same site, but different passwords for different sites. Avoids having to backup a database. Solves the entire syncing problem.

Shameless plug: github.com/Midar/scrypt-pwgen


@js I’ve looked at those. I’m concerned about what you do if there’s a breach on one site. Also, I prefer dice ware passphrases in some contexts.

@schlink Well, if one site gets breached, it doesn't matter much: You have a different password everywhere. If you want to continue using that website and change your password after a breach, you can just give it a different site name, e.g. append a 2 or something. So far, I have only one instance where I actually have a 2 at the end of a site name :).

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