Reminder for newcomers: Know about your instance!

Each instance should have an about page at /about/more (e.g. Octodon's is at: )

You can usually learn who runs your instance (if you don't know already) AND, hey, they might have a way that you can support the costs of running the instance financially, like Patreon

another little Mastodon tip for newbies: Don't sweat what instance you chose (most can talk to most!)

But also: don't be afraid to open a second account on another instance if it feels like it could be a better ~ fit ~. You can post to both for a bit and then, if you like, move to the new one for good (which is what I ended up doing!)


Tips for MOVING from one Mastodon instance to another

In Settings, you can...

1. Export some of your data from your old account (if you want). This includes who you follow/block/mute. Note that you can't take your _followers_ with you, but they can definitely choose to follow your new account! (see 1st screenshot)

2. Set your old account to show that's it's Moved to another account (your new account) (see 2nd & 3rd screenshots)

3. Obviously: toot about your new account from your old account

Oh! And...

4. Be sure to use a unique and strong password for each account you have!

One way to handle a lot of unique passwords is to use a password manager.

More on password managers:


Mastodon feels even cozier if you turn on two-factor authentication

1. Download Google Authenticator or Authy on your smartphone

2. In Mastodon's web interface, go to Settings > Two-factor auth. Set it up!

3. Store your back-up codes somewhere safe. If you lose your phone, you'll need those codes to get into your account!

4. Two-factor the rest of your online accounts (if it's offered)! 🔐 ❤️


4) Don’t forget to delete your old account after a while if you don’t intend to use it again. Your nick can’t be used there again and you don’t have old stuff sitting around.

5) Consider using @kensanata ’s toot archiver before you do.

@schlink The neat thing is, when you import your following list to a new account, all those people get an alert saying you followed them. Makes it really easy for people to notice you moved!

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