so it is safe/OK to use Audacity again, given this update to their privacy policy and apology?

did Dell stop selling laptops with Ubuntu installed? Or can I just not find them?

I'd pay for a service to print all of my Pocket read later queue into a nice little magazine and mail it to me...

I'm not sure if I like my new Jabra 85h bluetooth headphones yet... the way the fold (which is the only way to turn them off?) is very counterintuitive. Feel like I'm going to break them at some point while trying to fold them up.

bit of a long shot here, but I'm trying to play a game on Linux (Kubuntu 20.04) through Steam. I think this game Proton. I enabled beta stuff in Steam and restarted computer. My Oryx Pro has an Nvidia graphics card, and I think it's being used.

Attached is a screenshot of the error I get from Steam when I try to launch the game.

was just reminded of a fun and silly GH issue I hadn't remembered writing:

"Awoo mode shouldn't replace "toot" with "awoo" if in a URL #76"

s/o to Amaroq, the first iOS Mastodon app I used!

Neovim 0.5 poll q 

phew, should I re-do my Neovim config from scratch now that v0.5 is out?

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ooo, this is a really interesting question to me (and part of the reason I picked up Rust a few years ago).

"If you want to personally pick up a programming language in order to become a better coder in whatever other languages you use, F# is the best overall teaching/coding language you can find."


"This repository contains bitmapped fonts from disused operating systems and graphical user interfaces."


I would try to make the switch, but I'm not confident that I can safely remove rbenv?

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Rust 1.53 


In Rust 1.53.0, "Cargo no longer assumes the default HEAD of git repositories is named master"

increasingly have no idea where to put exclamation points in my toots and emails!

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