woo boy here's a take for your Monday, fedi

"Coders Should Be Activists"

> Open-source developers could push for climate action or humanitarian causes, but instead, their code has remained a reliable bet for even the most egregious of corporations to use freely



"Rocket League is Dropping Support for Linux"


(though probably good for my overall health tbh)

> "Joy is coming" is very different from “it gets better.” ... “Something else will happen” is the bleakest reassurance which is why it is the best one; it is always true.

RIP to a very good newsletter


previously: maps griefbacon.substack.com/p/maps

haha TIL about "What Rust is it?", a website that appears to simply show what version numbers various channels are currently at


h/t twitter.com/badboy_/status/122

"Amtrak was going to charge group $25,000 to travel with wheelchairs. A ticket normally costs $16"


Found a new blog post about async that looks good (I am still struggling to get the gist of it tbh)

"Downloading 100,000 Files Using Async Rust"


Nice little article about hobbies and how/why they may be difficult for us to cultivate these days.

"Young people are trying to reclaim their time from the pressures of capitalism."

It quotes from Jenny Odell:

“It may still be hard not to see even your free time as money—in which case hobbies appear ‘expensive’ if they produce nothing but personal enjoyment and satisfaction.”


huh, looks like LastPass had an issue this weekend where some users could not access their vaults


(another reason to consider using a local password manager like KeePassXC)

"Ubuntu Finally Removes the Amazon Web App You Never Use"

"Ubuntu 20.04 ‘Focal Fossa’ will not include the Amazon web launcher."


TIL about Peergos, which claims to be "An end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer file storage, sharing and communication network"



mmm love when `brew upgrade pyenv` breaks my python environment cuz the version number is hardcoded somewhere

me, fighting January blues:

:drake_dislike: eating healthy, taking walks, exercising, seeing friends, cleaning apartment

:drake_like: Blasting "Heavy Metal Heart" on repeat till I feel better

my friend put on "Heavy Metal Heart" at the bar this weekend and reminded me how much it slaps


"The Pinebook Pro is a $200 laptop that runs a couple of ARM processors, and it promises a lot. Does it deliver? After what seemed like an eternity waiting, mine arrived and here’s what I think."


dang, I kind of want one now

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