TIL about NovelWriter,

> A markdown-like text editor designed for writing novels and larger projects of many smaller plain text documents.

GPL 3.0


this photo-essay from the NYTimes encompasses so many things I've been thinking about

> We asked four photographers to show us how people are physically navigating a world in which awareness of our bodies — how much space we take up, whether we’re six feet from our neighbor — has become the norm.


news story on WhatsApp 

Looks like WhatsApp is now delaying privacy changes, amid what NYTimes calls a "user exodus"


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does anyone have strong or informed opinions about whether to use Argon2id as a KDF, as opposed to other variations of Argon2?

see: crypto.stackexchange.com/quest

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KeePassXC 2.6.3 released

> This update includes support for new KeePass2 features that increase the security of your database: XML Key File Version 2 and Argon2id [KDF].


"Signal's downloads skyrocketed 4,200% after WhatsApp announced it would force users to share personal data with Facebook"


"Javascript" or "JavaScript"?

One of my favorite projects from the last few months was making a passphrase wordlist using Google Books Ngram data


> An Italian court determined that companies can be held liable even if an algorithm unintentionally discriminates against a protected group.


> BookWyrm is a social network for reading, reviewing, and talking about books. BookWyrm is ad-free, anti-corporate, open-source, and federated.


h/t @darius @darius

mdbook (Rust) security issue 

> The Rust Security Response Working Group was recently notified of a security issue affecting the search feature of mdBook, which could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary JavaScript code on the page.


If you're looking for an alternative to Amazon-owned GoodReads, The StoryGraph just officially launched


what are your favorite Hugo themes for simple blogs!

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