it'd be fun to make a mechanical keyboard marketed to writers

one fun feature I'd def include: a dedicated em-dash key


does Twitch really require a confirmed mobile number to enable any form of 2FA?

interesting bird site thread about a possible issue with the 1Password CLI that I don't _quite_ understand

wild story about how today's college students don't have a mental model for computer directory systems or the concept of files

i want to try Python 3.10 to get pattern-matching[1], but I'm also afraid it'll totally blow up my precarious Python environment that I don't understand...

extremely vague Python debug question 

I understand this is super vague, but if I have a Python script that I want to run 24/7, but every so often it just stops working (but doesn't error out)...

anything I should check that I might not have thought of?

9/11, digital preservation 

Interesting story about how a lot of original Sept 11th, 2001, online coverage was built for Flash, and how some outlets are using Ruffle, a Flash emulator written in Rust, to recreate that content.

> Journalism is often considered the first draft of history, but what happens when that draft is written on a software program that becomes obsolete?


> WhatsApp will let its more than 2 billion users fully encrypt the backups of their messages, the Facebook-owned app announced Friday.

> WhatsApp’s announcement means the app is going a step further than Apple, which encrypts iMessages but still holds the keys to encrypted backups...

anyone else reading the new Sally Rooney novel?

0 is positive in Python3?

>>> "{0:+}%".format(-2)
>>> "{0:+}%".format(+2)
>>> "{0:+}%".format(22)
>>> "{0:+}%".format(0)

first time I've found a CLI written in D in the wild

> trash-d: A near drop-in replacement for rm that uses the trash bin


here's how I adapted another one of my Rust CLIs to print to standard output (just println!)

Think it's a decent solution? Need to test it a bit more though.

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OK here's where I'm at:

I want my Rust CLI to accept input from stdin (a pipe?) OR the traditional way (`foo -abc input.txt`)

But I also use StructOpt[1]... which might be too strict for this kind of thing?


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oh dang, one of my Rust CLIs just works with `fgift input_file.csv > output.txt`.


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Which command-line tool convention is best? Kind of assuming B, for pipe-ability? If B, how do I feet a Rust CLI to do that?

I re-wrote my beginner's guide to age for v 1.0, if you're looking to play around with it

Please let me know if you catch an error!

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