New profile of Signal creator Moxie Marlinspike by Anna Wiener, author of ‘Uncanny Valley’

"The Internet Should Be More Like Wikipedia'

> Over 20 years, Wikipedia has built a reputation most websites would envy. What can the rest of us learn from that?

Google out here writing a Vimscript Language Server in Rust

"This is not an officially supported Google product"

"Meet the Excel Warriors Saving the World From Spreadsheet Disaster"

> Spreadsheets run the world. When they break, governments and companies turn to an elite group of experts to save the day.

"Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother series has been a young-adult sci-fi bible for teen hacktivists. But with the latest and darkest book in the trilogy, it’s all grown up."

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. @plausible is switching from MIT license to AGPLv3 and wrote a nice blog post about the decision

ha, this is fun

"what would be the most minimal amount of code required to build an office suite?"

hastily wrote-up some notes on my + setup, which I like BUT I'm not 100% how'd I'd install it all on a fresh machine. This post will help future me, but if you want to look at it that's cool too!

uggghh 3 years in and I'm just now realizing my vim colorscheme I wrote makes javascript look like this?!?!

ooo JuliaMono, "a monospaced font for scientific and technical computing" looks pretty nice

thought I still love JetBrains Mono

covid, disability 

> Equating disease with warfare, and recovery with strength, means that death and disability are linked to failure and weakness

Lot of interesting thoughts about metaphors generally as well (“'metaphors redirect our attention,' ... and create 'dead zones' in our thinking.").
At this point, I'll read anything Ed Yong writes.

This is a bit over my head, but having a `curl` written in Rust seems like a cool thing!

Pretty fiery language here, no?

>Users who need to continue using the unsafe C back-ends for whatever reason will be able to continue doing so by building curl with the C back-ends enabled.


just pushed my (v long) exploration of Daniel Lemire's nearly divisionless random using :

big thanks to @bugaevc for helping me work out some of the trickier bits!

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> One of my favorite parts of The Odyssey is a... scene where a nobleman prays with and then feeds two guests before finally asking, “So, are you good men or pirates?”

"Hospitality in the Time of Covid"


huh, apparently Rust's rand crate implemented something from Lemire back in 2018 in version 0.5.0.

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