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Happy 2019!!

If you're cozied up with your laptop today, maybe take a read through my new "Digital Security Guide for Friends and Loved Ones"

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Random reminder to use a password manager if you aren't already! It'll help you stay safe online by using long, unique passwords for each service you use.

While LastPass or 1Password are great choices, I prefer KeePassXC

Official site:

Official quick-start guide:

My getting-started guide:

apparently it was first posted to a subreddit called r/HFY in twice-weekly installments.

However I'm disinclined to visit said subreddit because the forward of the book purposefully leaves the abbreviation a mystery (though I have a guess)!

(I don't use PGP much these days and I am more than fine with that, btw — Really only encrypting files for myself. Encrypted instant messengers like Wire/Signal/etc. are much easier for communicating with others!)

Looks like there's a new PGP keyserver in town, and it uses Rust

"From a community effort by Enigmail, OpenKeychain, and Sequoia PGP, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new public OpenPGP keyserver! Hurray! 🎉"

"Technically, runs on the Hagrid keyserver software, which is based on Sequoia-PGP."

happy Friday, fedi frens. Hope you have a peaceful weekend ahead.

some notes

- Telegram "does not have end-to-end encryption for its group chats"
- "The police officers implied that they had found him based on his phone number, which was linked to his identification." Then advised: "pay-as-you-go SIM cards or register foreign numbers online to join groups"
- "took pains to keep from being photographed"
- bought "single-ride subway tickets instead of using their digital payment cards, which can be tracked"

'Chinese Cyberattack Hits Telegram, App Used by Hong Kong Protesters'

Good dive the arrest of an alleged Telegram group admin of a Hong Kong protest group (and a DDoS attack)

also, anything like Borderlands 2 (shoot and loot)

Also, y'all, I really need a new video game to play after work (has to be available for Linux, preferably on Steam). Rocket League is... stressing me out too much these days.

I enjoyed "The Gardens Between"[1] — beautiful game, but not enough *action*, which I'm apparently craving

On my list of games to try:
- Spaceship shooters: Everspace, Arc Savior, Space Mercs (not out yet)

- Celeste

- racing games? I loved Gran Turismo 3


i have mixed feelings about the new Pocket locking most of its font choices behind its membership paywall! Esp considering some (all?) of them are freely available fonts. $45 per year is a lot for a reading app!

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The official app for Spain's top football league, La Liga, secretly activated the microphones in users' phones and combined it with GPS data to locate bars illegally streaming games

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"Next is a keyboard-oriented, extensible web-browser designed for power users. The application has familiar key-bindings, is fully configurable and extensible in Lisp, and has powerful features for productive professionals."


ok here was what I was thinking about a 5am this morning:

Could you make a piece of data (think toot or image file) that can be decrypted and viewed instantly for some time, but as time goes by it takes more and more resources to decrypt/view, until it's very difficult to decrypt. Think of it like Programmatic Obscurity? Is there something like that?

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"I wrote about how peer-to-peer aid groups on Facebook have exploded as more and more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and can’t cover small expenses. More ppl are turning to Facebook to literally beg for money"

'Introducing Matrix 1.0 and the Foundation'

"We are very excited to announce the first fully stable release of the Matrix protocol and specification across all APIs - as well as the Synapse 1.0 reference implementation which implements the full Matrix 1.0 API surface."


kind of wild/kooky/(naive?) Opinion piece in the Times today

"The World Is a Mess. We Need Fully Automated Luxury Communism."

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