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! I'm Schlink

I write Rust and Python from time to time. ( Interested in passwords, privacy, etc. Run Linux and use Neovim.

I read a lot of books.

I have a physical disability that I almost never talk about, but probably should!

Sometimes I play go (~14kyu), but I handle losing poorly (working on that!)

I've worked at CNN and BuzzFeed News, though am looking for a new job at the moment...

Been on here since '17 if you have questions!

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Re-upping this:

I made a curated list of Rust command-line utilities. I only use a handful, but all of the ones I listed look interesting to me.

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If you're looking for a password manager that stores your data offline/locally, I like KeePassXC!

My guide from 2017

Official getting-started guide:

Wrote about how I'm using Just, a command runner, to generate me word lists whenever I discover a new profane word or British spelling of a word.

Who named it affect theory instead of vibes theory?!

Wow, 👍 for Marcel the Shell. So sweet. 🥹

"The UK Government Is Directing Mourners to North Carolina to Stand in Line for Queen Elizabeth"

> When the livestream launched at 2:55pm UK time, it directed mourners to the location same.valve.grid – in reality, Bob Belcher Park near Clovis, California. Around 15 minutes later, the stream was updated, directing people to same.value.grit, which was closer, in that it was in the London suburb of Denham, but still not right.

(h/t @eldang )

Whenever I imagine myself getting much older and worry that I’ll get confused by things, I irrationally think “Yeah, but I wrote Rust, I’ll always be sharp.”

writing question: If I'm calling a concept "malleable", what verb would I use for changing it? Like "bend" it? "shape" it?

Huh, a person to their fingerprint is a pretty good metaphor for one-way hashing functions, right?


"Arti 1.0.0 is released: Our Rust Tor implementation is ready for production use. "

Watched Ponyo for first time with the nephew. Was great!! Thinking Kiki's Delivery Service next time.

Me, tentatively, optimistically recommending a contemporary novel to my boomer.

Boomer: “Based on a true story?”

having a weird issue with rsync

it seems like when i run:

rsync -a --delete foo bar/

it errors because it says the destination in Read Only. I can run
rsync -aAR --delete foo bar/
and it seems to work fine. Wondering if the --delete flag without the -A or -X flags confuses the permissions somehow

wrote a quick blog post about reviving an old ThinkPad X40 with Linux, if you're into that sort of thing

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sooo I guess my next question is what nice-for-writing word processors can run on a 32-bit Linux machine...

Puppy Linux comes with Geany and AbiWord, which seem OK.

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