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I propose we plan to plot to organize occasions to schedule successive sequences of appointments to experience ephemeral events for premeditating moments within the confines of this spacetime

"Any correction of the speech or writing of others will contain at least one grammatical, spelling, or typographical error." —Erin McKean

A video essay breaking down and analyzing alt-right propaganda tactics. 

When I lose my train of thought, I think to myself, “What is it that I was thinking?”, but I think that sometimes I know exactly what was on my mind, and I’m just trying to convince myself that it wasn’t.

Watching the adds before a movie. They just advertised that the advertisements are sponsored by at&t...

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My bio now reads "I'm gay for strong typing and cute boys"

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One of the best things about programming stuff for your own personal use only is that you can just use different names for penis in your unit tests and no one can stop you.

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CS took words that mean almost nothing like "object", "this", "type", "widget", and somehow turned them into jargon with very specific and exact meaning.

👋 thought I'd give this mastodon thing a try, thus this toot


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