@aral I’ve just been calling it “crapitalism” (which my phone now knows in autocorrect) but this one works too

The story of a medieval boy with an imagination, doodling in his homework. It’s truly amazing what we discover through archeology, and just how similar to us our ancestors were. youtu.be/H_nT6EFUZmI

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Achievement unlocked: have a conversation with someone with a Wikipedia page

Apple: “Everyone has multiple USB chargers nowadays, so we’re helping to save the environment by no longer including them with our phones.”

Also Apple: “And we’re now shipping our phones with USB-C cables, so you’ll have to buy a new compatible charger to use them. Chargers sold separately.”

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina should really be called Sabrina Topples the Patriarchy

Hey, I think there's a real need for a guillotine emoji. I just found this petition on change.org. Please sign it so we can get the proposal resubmitted with evidence for the demand for and need of this symbol change.org/p/unicode-guillotin

Experiment log; 2020-09-09: Teleportation to the red planet was a success. However, due to a miscalculation, the effective area of teleportation encompassed the entire city of San Jose. This is most unfortunate, as the atmosphere here cannot adequately sustain life as we know it, and I’ve only brought enough celebratory cheese and crackers for myself and Ramsey.

Today I found out that the phrases “it’s been a pleasure doing business with you” and “it’s been a business doing pleasure with you” have completely different meanings

I recently upgraded the hard drive in my Airport Time Capsule, and now I can hear it singing the song of its people 🤣

Here’s an interesting discussion about the lack of an open source license that allows for derivative works but prevents monetization of the unmodified work youtu.be/7g8oueggEFk

I'm selling made-to-order zines because I lost my main job 

@menziesii @typhlosion this is some cool stuff! Just ordered some 🙂

If only there was some kind of system that allowed these vital supplies to be distributed from each according to their ability to produce, to each according to their need 🤔 youtu.be/KxANuLuxfRM

‪You know, ‘cause his constant inaction and misinformation is making it worse, we should follow a longstanding American tradition and name this after our president. We have Teddy Bears, Hoovervilles, Obamacare, and now Trump Cough

‪I have no idea how, but I really hurt my back last night. Woke up screaming in pain. Not fun when an excitable dog hears you’re awake and keeps licking and sitting on your face, “Wake up! Wake up! I wanna walk! Let’s play! I love you! Wake up!”‬

Apparently “crapitalism” is in my autocorrect dictionary now, so that’s good

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