Experiment log; 2020-09-09: Teleportation to the red planet was a success. However, due to a miscalculation, the effective area of teleportation encompassed the entire city of San Jose. This is most unfortunate, as the atmosphere here cannot adequately sustain life as we know it, and I’ve only brought enough celebratory cheese and crackers for myself and Ramsey.

I recently upgraded the hard drive in my Airport Time Capsule, and now I can hear it singing the song of its people 🤣

iPhone 11 Pro trypophobia 

This is what I see every time I look at the camera on the new iPhone 11 Pro

Check out this thing I did! Got the innards of a 2009 MacBook inside a black 2007 model and got macOS Mojave running on it. Learned a bit about hardware and how to use a dremel. That was fun 🙂


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