Apparently “crapitalism” is in my autocorrect dictionary now, so that’s good

iPhone 11 Pro trypophobia 

Look, this needs a MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING. I’m serious, you’ll need it, but I think this is really important to share. 

Hypothesis: larger phone screens have lead to the increase in phone addiction. More screen real estate leads to more content consumption. Small screens provide a sort of friction that discourages extended use.

‪Like scary stories? Here’s a cool one. Plus, it’s a good example of an LGBT main character outside a “coming out” and/or “romantic” subplot! (Content warning: scenes of blood, bodies, mutilation, supernatural events, and one use of a gun)‬

Here’s hoping I break a leg or two!

I just went to drink a cup of water and missed my mouth while watching a video about proprioception... ironic, lol

Dear Facebook,

I turned off push notifications for a reason. Don’t text them to me instead.

—Your very reluctant user

Check out this thing I did! Got the innards of a 2009 MacBook inside a black 2007 model and got macOS Mojave running on it. Learned a bit about hardware and how to use a dremel. That was fun 🙂

TIL reversed wrestling is basically homoerotic interpretive dance

You know that feeling when you’ve been sitting still on an airplane for far too long and you’re legs get uncomfortable?

I’ve always thought of it as a “hollow” feeling. How do you describe it?

Political joke 

This weird thing just happened. I heard someone talking behind me to a coworker, and every word they said dove into my mind and pulled out the ASL translation. I could just feel the movement of the signs for what they said in my head.

I really need to sign again, lol


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