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Looking for a service that monitors all my watched GitHub repositories for new releases - and ideally provides them as an RSS feed.

There must be... something?


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Wow! ✊📣🔥 Laut den Veranstalter*innen sind wir heute über 5000. Ein risen großes Dankeschön an all die Menschen die mit uns für den #dannibleibt kämpfen. Ihr seit großartig!

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Is there any mobile app available for using ?

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Aus Kapazitätsgründen können wir mit den anderen Social-Media Kanälen gerade nicht mithalten, was die Postings angeht. Das wird nach der Aktion zwar besser - um allerdings keine falsche Sicherheit zu bieten, haben wir uns entschlossen die Postings bis zur Aktion (also für eine Woche) einzustellen und stattdessen auf die anderen Kanäle zu verweisen.

Schaut also bitte einmal pro Tag oder so auf wenn ihr an der Aktion teilnehmt oder daran interessiert seid.

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Are you wearing a mask? 😷

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🇭🇰Hong Kong
🇺🇸New York
🇦🇷Buenos Aires

All underwater by 2055.


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The COVID-19 tracking app in Singapore is released by the government as Free Software under GPLv3. I am not saying I support such apps. However, it speaks of great wisdom that they release it in source, under copyleft.

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In the last poll, most people voted that filesize matters to them.

This series will end with what filesize of an app are you fine with to install.

*Mobile app
*filesize is in MB

Please boost for exposure. Thank you!

#gitnex #gitea

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Does app size matters to you?

*Android app for example

Boosts are welcome

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An MIT study concluded "We find it is very likely that Morales won the required 10 percentage point margin to win in the first round of the election on October 20, 2019".

The OAS report was all based on fabricated arguments.

Funny -or sad- fact: The question was never whether Evo won or lost the elections. The question was if he won with more than 10 % over the second place or not.

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