Fedora 29 is stable, up to date. I like more than #Debian because of getting hands on latest update of packages.

I guess, I just like it.

But please to hear con of Fedora and other alternative suggestion to #Fedora.


@noorul I don't pay attention to fedora since years ago. I thought the project was not going in a good direction anymore and I changed to Mint but nice to hear that it is getting strong again.

@saturno @noorul if you like Mint, I suggest trying out #Trisquel 8 "Flidas". Unlike previous releases, Flidas uses the Mate desktop, so it's a very similar #UX to Mint with Mate. But Trisquel is one of a handful of distros confirmed by the #FSF to contain no proprietary software at all. I suggest testing it live off a disk or USB first, to see if all your hardware can run without any non-free firmware.

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