@socrates what's the best way to link our scholar.social profiles from another site? Can I use an icon, do we have an icon, like those I have at the bottom of olivia.science? 😅


@olivia @socrates I guess you can use the mastodon icon to link to your scholar.social profile. Assuming that is your main mastodon account.


@saturno Voila! I did it with font-awesome (not the fork you linked to) — does it matter? oliviaguest.com/

@olivia Great! I didn't know font-awesome already included the mastodon icon. That's wonderful!

@saturno thanks for telling me about fork awesome though too! I wish they had some "about" information so I could understand what is going on there, why it was forked, who did it, etc. I'm interested.

@olivia @saturno you are welcome. I don't have much information. I just know people in the fediverse were using it because font-awesome was too slow to add fediverse icons.

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