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@disroot hi, I have tried to create a disroot account since two days ago and it's not possible. There is an error upon verification.

@komun saludos! ¿Cómo se puede crear una cuenta con ustedes? Me gustaría utilizar el nextcloud si es posible. :beber:

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What is your choice after switching from #WhatsApp?

Please help me share.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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Where can I shop for hexagonal stickers? :blobowo:

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86% of websites using Google Analytics are not anonymizing their users’ full IP addresses

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nibö presenta *Dialéctica de la Naturaleza*

A 200 años del nacimiento de Federico #Engels.

Descarga el libro en formatos PDF y ePUB

Do you know any open source web analytics tool that you can recommend?

@info_activism Could you please update the Spanish version of the alternative app centre?

It would be also nice if you include mastodon, pixelfed and/or friendica in the list. Maybe also include @Tutanota and @nextcloud

Thank you very much for doing this. You are the best ❤️

Would you guys trust Firefox Lockwise as your password manager? 🔑

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Now Twitter will offer ; tweets that expire after 24h. I am curious to see what's developers reaction.

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Why I hate Facebook? Alright here we go!

- On Facebook YOU are the product. They want you as long as possible on the platform so they can show you as many ads as possible.

- Their privacy settings are broken from the beginning. Facebook knows ALL about you.

- Mark Zuckerberg is a little child with far too much power who doesn’t wants to be responsible for the well-being of its users..

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courses are on sale for the next 2 hours. Very good deals!

@Framasoft hi guys, is there a way to use Framaforms in English? Otherwise, can you recommend a similar service?

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