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I knew this was going to happen one day in . Ironic because the revolutionary government boosted twitter for years!

La unión europea toda le dio la espalda al gobierno de EEUU.!!! Reconocen a Maduro como presidente de Venezuela

Hey you residents of, today would be a great day to move instance, don't you think? There are so many nice smaller instances around!

Está bien si queréis usar un puente entre #mastodon y #twister.
Pero... por qué creéis que son interesantes todos los #RT que hacéis allí? Sabéis que se puede decidir qué compartir, no?
Y... si no vais a interactuar con las preguntas/respuestas que se hacen vía #mastodon, por qué tenéis una cuenta aquí?
No me parece mal que se use de altavoz de lo que se diga en #twister, pero si tu cuenta es de esas, estaría bien que lo anunciaras en tu perfil.

Algorithms aren't racist. They're racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic and more. And it comes from tech's homogeneity.

Just found out we have a on octodon. Really nice. I hope such thing could be filled with all federated instances.

Thanks all the people who are boosting this. It includes a link to a great article by comrades in UK. Corporate media are presenting a biased version of what is going on in Venezuela and it is important to spread a more balanced view.

As a marxist, I disagree with Maduro's policies but I can't support this imperialist attack.

In the name of democracy, Trump and co. are attempting a coup against . 🇻🇪

This is similar to what US has done in Syria, Libya, etc.

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Buy a thing that spies on you and then produce a cover to prevent it from listening.

Epic level of solutionism.

Some days it's difficult to be motivated to have good password habits. Or to try to write secure software.

Some days it's easy.

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Si eres incapaz de cambiar el papel higiénico cuando lo acabas, esta no es tu revolución.

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