My favorite politician: Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Video by George Monbiot on Christopher Columbus and censored by facebook.

Some time ago I read how "House of Cards" could be dangerous to society. How can it make people accept that politicians are corrupted and cynical. I thought it was exaggerated but now I am not so sure.

HoC is very popular in and now many people are keen to vote for a guy that is explicitly an asshole. I am not saying HoC is to blame. But think about it...

Brazilians: Do the planet a favor and don't vote Bolsonaro.

For me it's hard to understand how can someone vote in . I know some people doing it, it's incredible.

It's world day.
What do you do to keep your mind healthy?

I am not hiding my network. Can you see my follows? Can you see anyone there out of your own instance?

Can't see the people you follow. I am getting sick of this bug!

#pt Even this 1.5 °C is to high. There's only one solution; no more temperature rise! How? Kill #capitalism now! Dismantle all polluting activities now! A real green #revolution!

*this message is endorsed by revolutionary anarchists*

#globalwarming #environment #anarchism #ecology

A need a good pair of earphones. Any recommendations? 🎶

El trolleo a Eugenio es lo más grande que en visto en años 😄

US Meddling: Is Venezuela Next?

Reports that U.S. officials and Venezuelan commanders had conversations about regime change in Venezuela point to the latest instance in a series of covert attempts at destabilising that country.…
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