Out of Tootdon, Tusk and Amaroq, none of them quite scratch the itch like Tweetbot does.

For some reason the Tusk app just crashes on launch again 😐 back to the other assorted clients

Sure would be nice if you could add photo descriptions after you post them

Finally got around to reinstalling Tusk weeks after it broke when moving to a new phone

Oh nice, Tusk works on iOS 12 w/beta 30. Super slick.

Hey people, I've been noticing the number of posts with alt text going down. It might be because of all the new users who haven't learned about the feature yet, so for them and everyone:

yall should use alt text when uploading images! what are they??? hover over the images to find out! why are they good? the tldr of it is that visually impaired computer users exist and it helps them navigate the INFOBAHN better

Sure would be nice if you could add text to images after you post them

Suddenly Mastodon has come alive again. Mash that AWOO! button.


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