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I have a love-hate relationships with Blizzard

+ Their balance, visuals and music are incredible. They never stop working on it.

- Sometimes it feels that for them money > everything else (especially lore)

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the karaoke place does have WiFi now, so maybe!

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Who's the best stranger things kid bzzzz wrong answer it's Lucas

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I love having Firefox Focus as my default mobile browser! Everything is incognito, built-in ad-/track-block, only one tab, so you have to choose what to read when.

Only issue is that the layout sometimes does weird things on some pages; as in, tries to do mobile layout, but the page extends outside the screen to the left and I can't scroll there. Firefox regular shows those pages fine in a mobile layout.

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It's weird that "Bob's Burgers" has 60% female main characters but only 20% female actors, right?

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This is a good article to share with people who might be new to Mastodon, or newly-arrived:

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OpenNIC: the unsung hero of the future?

So I’m ashamed to say that I’ve basically been ignorant of the fact that there’s been an alternate democratic/open/post-Capitalist domain name system operating since 2000. It’s called OpenNIC ( and – with a bit of design love and creative marketing – I don’t see why we couldn't get widespread support for it. It would be a huge step forward for decentralisation/individual sovereignty.

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FOMO vs Fear Of Making An Ass Of Yourself


Fireworks are pretty damn cool. Timed explosives that shoot other timed explosives into the sky that then explode in pretty patterns?

Pretty cool.


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I am at a total of two verified contacts on Signal now

This feels like a dramatic achievement

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don't think i uploaded this here yet, my portrait of willem arondeus, a gay dutch artist who was heavily involved in the resistance to nazi occupation, bombed a records office to prevent the nazis from finding jewish people in the area.
executed by firing squad, with the final words "let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards"
he's a big painting, 3' by 3'

are ferrets acceptable pets? I really want one but will it die if I don't give it enough love?

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"I need a hot jacuzzi"
Why not try Ed's strawberry jacuzzi? It's not hot, but it's delcious

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I like how everything turns to rainbow for 3 days when pride rolls around. 🏳️‍🌈

In Vancouver and there is a fireworks festival tonight, and pride fest tomorrow. What could be better?

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