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The coolest thing about tonight's New Years Eve is that, out in space, four billion miles and six hours' at light speed from earth, a small spacecraft has been firing its jets and preparing for a flyby of a Kuiper Belt Object at 32,300mph. pluto.jhuapl.edu

OMG something on my new PC rig is vibrating at just the right frequency and I want to throw it in a lake

@lmorchard I should clarify... I think there's a solid 3 months without raiding. I'm not hardcore RPing, but I suspect that would extend the storylines a bit. It's been a decent expansion as a solo-er

@lmorchard I've enjoyed the expansion and a new content patch on the way. Not a lot of alt leveling joy IMO though. If you raid (which I don't) there's a good 3 months in it for returning players ATM

Before I put this on my computer, anyone know what company this is?

@bdimcheff We go back and forth. With 3 streaming services already, it's hard to justify yet another.

Dr Who is back and I've never been so conflicted about re-upping cable

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Of COURSE my wallet tears in year 4 for a product with a 3 year warranty

Work email: "...who worked proactively and quickly to address a recurring request..."

proactively... to address a recurring request

proactively... recurring...

@Csalzman @dzombak At 3 feet, I'd look into pipe clamps. Bar clamps at that length will flex under pressure. Not sure what's being made, but flex in your clamps can transfer into the material. Harbor Freight isn't bad for clamps in my experience

Bird scooters have arrived in the next town over from me. Eagerly awaiting the pearl-clutching reaction when someone gets hit on one. Betting on this weekend. "Local" paper's reaction should be fun.

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