I'm a little embarrassed at how much I'm losing it over COVID, but with my state on the logarithmic curve now, I also have to plan a few weeks of being home. Be safe all

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Imma be honest with you chief I never wanted to go outside as much as now

Oh I'm just going to listen to Processor all night then. Ok, cool.

Medical fears, general selfish bitching 

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Tomorrow, I shall smoke beef ribs. Maybe even pulled pork. Might need to build a wind break.

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The coolest thing about tonight's New Years Eve is that, out in space, four billion miles and six hours' at light speed from earth, a small spacecraft has been firing its jets and preparing for a flyby of a Kuiper Belt Object at 32,300mph. pluto.jhuapl.edu

OMG something on my new PC rig is vibrating at just the right frequency and I want to throw it in a lake

Before I put this on my computer, anyone know what company this is?

Dr Who is back and I've never been so conflicted about re-upping cable

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Of COURSE my wallet tears in year 4 for a product with a 3 year warranty

Work email: "...who worked proactively and quickly to address a recurring request..."

proactively... to address a recurring request

proactively... recurring...

Bird scooters have arrived in the next town over from me. Eagerly awaiting the pearl-clutching reaction when someone gets hit on one. Betting on this weekend. "Local" paper's reaction should be fun.

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