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Gonna try and buy a new computer today. In a store! Wish me luck, I am really pressed to get that done and feed fully functional again.

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Good morning, earthlings. Beginning my 2nd TWO DAY weekend in row, & I feel almost human, almost hopeful that live could be “normal” whatever that means. Going to breakfast with an old internet friend from the Mac News Network days — 2002-2004 or so. The Lounge there was my online home for a few years & I still have real friends from there. The internet is weird, no? Ok, coffee.

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i went to bed earlier so i could sleep more but instead i woke up earlier :/

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The new place has a low air duct in the basement that @cwebber has already hit his head on multiple times. I made him some warning flags

Image: fabric with assorted rubber ducks with the text "DUCK! (DUCT)"

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*brings magazine to the salon to show them the haircut I want*

*the magazine is maximum rocknroll*

sudden strong desire to hear shakespeare's sonnet 116 read aloud in a broad scottish accent

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Sold a short story today. Which is awesome.

However, it means I've been suffering a desire to bounce rather than do any work.

As opposed to suffering the usual productivity destroying malaise of doubt over whether anyone likes my work.

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today there were a pair of crows on a powerline across from a pair of chickadees on another
one of the crows just came up and picked one up and left while the other one sat still
the second crow lifted off and went towards the second chickadee BUT
at the last moment, fucking Hero Chickadee shoots out of the tree and RAMS into that crow in the sky, and the crow just pisses off
i'll never forget Hero Chickadee

remaining goals for today:
- css text styling
- stop being hungry

neeerow superfast coloring test on some hand-drawn ink for today's blog/comic

annnnd it is super fast because today is the day I learn CSS

this morning: impatiently looking for news on kernel 4.17 release date

had a moment when I considered putting the approximate date in my calendar

had a moment when I wondered when I became the kind of person who puts an approximate kernel release date in their calendar

also also also, toe still jammed, I painted it with gold sparkles though so obvi. it's fine

hoary frick, this is like 4 days overdue

...mostly because I BOUGHT A NEW MOTORCYCLE yayyyyyyyyyyy

but yeah also it looks shit at low resolution, whoops, click link for glitter warrior #2 & also my weirdly extensive commentary

also also for anyone following the whole champagne keg saga, one of my readers actually sourced it for me!? IT'S SO EXPENSIVE though, idk, I love champagne but only for <$10/bottle

today's tasty treat: glitter warrior #1

glitter warriors are a thing I invented them

in other news I got stuck in vi, AGAIN, after updating my kernel

*goes off to grumble in corner*

vi why
why aren't you vim

UGH still don't have git working on my new workstation, moving back and forth to update comics is a pita

ohhh man I took my keyboard apart and fixed the nubbin, now it be like



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