I just drew a weasel dressed as a hoplite

This is the kind of thing you don't get over

drew this cool lady yesterday/today

maaaaaaan the image formatting on my site bothers me soooo much right now. On the one hand, I don't know enough to refab all the current features without creating an unmaintainable monster; on the other hand, there's the black hole of trying to change just one component in someone else's pelican/jinja/html layer cake. FEH

neeerow superfast coloring test on some hand-drawn ink for today's blog/comic

annnnd it is super fast because today is the day I learn CSS

today's tasty treat: glitter warrior #1

glitter warriors are a thing I invented them

in other news I got stuck in vi, AGAIN, after updating my kernel

*goes off to grumble in corner*

vi why
why aren't you vim

UGH still don't have git working on my new workstation, moving back and forth to update comics is a pita

UGH I jammed my toe yesterday plus my wrist has been bothering me, stuck in a chair with a brace on was not where I wanted to be today. OHWELL, this lady turned out cool!

krita four point ohhhhhhhh what

herpaderp.party whenever gitlab feels like it

art princess!




I am proud of this


"where are your rosebushes?" "STOLEN!" <-- please say like it's from the IT crowd

sat down to do a quick sketch & ink of derpy cartoons
3-4 hours later I have a painstakingly rendered couple's portrait
maybe I'm thinking about valentine's day?

how did his head get so small, I guess I didn't make his hair poofy enough

here's the comic I was trying to upload btw

please appreciate lovingly rendered manthighs

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