I'm beginning to think that flossing is the most powerful thing I can do to have a good day

it's like, "I have fought the forces of entropy in my mouth

of course I can fight them everywhere else"

or if my inner voice is being a bitch and telling me I don't have it together, I can say bitch I fukken flossed today, I'm an adult

@roxmsauce I just Flosse, which I hadn't done in a long time. You inspired me!!

@communeva AWW YISSSS

can we also talk about how expensive and painful oral surgery is?? I know at least two people who have had to make bad life choices because oral surgery wiped out their bank account



@roxmsauce oh now you reminded me that I still owe my dentist some money..
Not that much though.
But yeah you're right. It shouldn't be so expensive. I suppose they can demand so much because it hurts so much not to fix it, that's exploitation.

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