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yknow how you can get tons of candy for cheap on the day after halloween?

is today like that but for easter dresses

I hate all my clothes and maybe only wearing easter dresses would be a good look for a while

all I want, all I freaking want

a thinkpad with a nubbin and ibook g4 design cues

come on everyone would love it

*logs on, hopes instance is still ok*

man I have not social media'd for a while

maybe I'm not cut out for this

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TFW the tests pass and you're suspicious because you're not sure they should have passed at all.

I just drew a weasel dressed as a hoplite

This is the kind of thing you don't get over

I made custom tone brushes in Krita ohhhh myyyy godddddddd

I'm beginning to think that flossing is the most powerful thing I can do to have a good day

it's like, "I have fought the forces of entropy in my mouth

of course I can fight them everywhere else"

or if my inner voice is being a bitch and telling me I don't have it together, I can say bitch I fukken flossed today, I'm an adult

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I'm at the aquarium! I spent about half an hour looking at lobsters and giving them names. They're so pretty, I love them.

bare-knuckle bag work yesterday, painted on some liquid bandage, which hurts like hell btw

it's peeling up a bit after xfit this morning which makes it look worse than it is, my knucks look super badass

gonna give myself an intimidatingly elegant manicure and enjoy the life

drew this cool lady yesterday/today

maaaaaaan the image formatting on my site bothers me soooo much right now. On the one hand, I don't know enough to refab all the current features without creating an unmaintainable monster; on the other hand, there's the black hole of trying to change just one component in someone else's pelican/jinja/html layer cake. FEH

today would be a great day to listen to wagner and play minecraft

and then I thought about writing a ranked-pair voting webapp in flask

I was ready to stab a fool over debugging this bedamned css

then I got my triceratops mug in the mail and I poured in a raspberry lambic

we'll call it even this time, world

triceratops looks very metal peering up from a seeming sea of blood

oh shit I just linked two html pages together


all of my five careers want all my attention right now

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Good morning you gorgeous and handsome samples of the precious cargo contained by our Planet Earth. How are you today?

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