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At the risk of repeating myself, I am about to repeat myself. Hello from my new-old Mastodon home. I was once @formerlyquincy on this same instance back in 2017, then until a couple days ago. I had an introduction there, but now that I'm settled back here, I go again here:

I have been in the IT support world for around 25 years, most of which were for front-end, customer-facing support in two Midwestern states. Yep, this means I am older than the average tooter. Over the last 2-3 years, I've added a substantial amount of back-end support, so I'm knowledgeable enough to be dangerous in Active Directory and ConfigManager. It is likely that Microsoft 365 services will soon follow along, and even though I'm not a manager or supervisor, I'm unofficially acting in that capacity. It's a bit annoying to be both two things and neither of them at the same time, but that seems to be my path-as-not-a-path journey.

Outside of work, I have a life! I enjoy photography, travel, music, podcasts, birdwatching, wines and beers, far too much what-if speculation like alternate histories or imaginary maps/flags, various cult-ish shows (MST3K, Doctor Who, etc.), astronomy, and I can even talk sportsball.

The above are some of my interests, but not all. I distract far too easily, so some interests are more shallow than others.

Raise your hand if you forgot that Biz Markie was in the Rob Base/EZ Rock video for “It Takes Two.”


Another update!

1. It’s the quietest on-call week I’ve had in some time.
2. Still whittling away at my email and RSS subscriptions.
3. New manager has been staying his views with increasing clarity—while these views aren’t all good, having clarity on them is.



Never forget that humanity made its grand debut onto the galactic stage by sending unsolicited nudes, a mix tape, and directions back to our place.


I've been on #Mastodon for quite some years. I start to notice how many new citizens try the negative clickbait dance that works over on Twitter here. It doesn't work here. There is no algorithm to please. Your followers want you to be better. #LifeHack

I love the cybersecurity emails about social engineering telling me to look out for hackers dressed as cleaning crew. I could walk into half of the factories in America and go nearly anywhere inside by putting on a polo shirt, very much including all the ones in our corporate structure if I tried

It’s been a while since I’ve done , so let’s do it.

1. While I was stuck on phone coverage today, only 8 calls came in—all were password-related.
2. Online winnowing project continues apace.
3. I’ll be able to see my mother during this weekend’s brief Chicago visit!

This is how my head feels after watching a tutorial on how to play Wingspan. Ouch.

🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

The New Mexico trip is over, unfortunately. Our overall time there was the best vacation we’ve been on in our almost 20(!) years as a couple—definitely better than the spring Portland trip, and possibly better than the Hawaiian vacation on Kauai in 2019.

We saw a decent amount of NM in the 10 days we were there, from the Rio Grande Gorge bridge outside of Taos, to the confusing streets of Santa Fe (navigating them would even piss off Boston residents), to the low-lying sprawl of Albuquerque, to the genuinely strange Truth Or Consequences, and even south to the I-25/10 interchange in Las Cruces (where one of the best meals in the state was had at the Bosque Brewing outpost directly across from NMSU). Yes, it was hot, and I have wicked tan lines, but I felt far more comfortable in that climate than in the swampy air of Missouri or even Oregon. We saw so many new birds, ate amazing food, and saw so many outdoor scenes that stunned us into silence. I’d be happy to live there, though failing that, we would also be happy to make a return visit.

Kind of wild to realize Elon Musk would probably own Twitter right now if he just could have stopped himself from being, you know, himself

I probably should have posted my photos here first instead of on Twitter, but at least here I have more room to explain what you’re seeing in the thread.

Set 1: Tuesday views from the home we are cat-sitting at in Santa Fe; Wednesday selections from Meow Wolf.

Set 2: Wednesday churches in Santa Fe, with 1 and 3 being St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral, and 2 as the Loretto Chapel with its mysterious staircase. 4 is a sunset.

Set 3: Thursday sunrise, and photos of the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos.

Set 4: Bighorn sheep near Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, the bridge itself, the front end of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting, and the Chimayó Sanctuary.

Set 5: More Sanctuary photos, and Camel Rock north of Santa Fe.

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Hello from Santa Fe, where I’ve enjoyed Meow Wolf, some NewMex cuisine, high altitude effects, lots of birds I’d never seen before, and some great views. Pictures forthcoming, probably tomorrow after visiting Taos.

Ugh. About 21 hours to go before touchdown in New Mexico. That suitcase won’t pack itself, unfortunately.

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