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At the risk of repeating myself, I am about to repeat myself. Hello from my new-old Mastodon home. I was once @formerlyquincy on this same instance back in 2017, then until a couple days ago. I had an introduction there, but now that I'm settled back here, I go again here:

I have been in the IT support world for around 25 years, most of which were for front-end, customer-facing support in two Midwestern states. Yep, this means I am older than the average tooter. Over the last 2-3 years, I've added a substantial amount of back-end support, so I'm knowledgeable enough to be dangerous in Active Directory and ConfigManager. It is likely that Microsoft 365 services will soon follow along, and even though I'm not a manager or supervisor, I'm unofficially acting in that capacity. It's a bit annoying to be both two things and neither of them at the same time, but that seems to be my path-as-not-a-path journey.

Outside of work, I have a life! I enjoy photography, travel, music, podcasts, birdwatching, wines and beers, far too much what-if speculation like alternate histories or imaginary maps/flags, various cult-ish shows (MST3K, Doctor Who, etc.), astronomy, and I can even talk sportsball.

The above are some of my interests, but not all. I distract far too easily, so some interests are more shallow than others.

Hello from Santa Fe, where I’ve enjoyed Meow Wolf, some NewMex cuisine, high altitude effects, lots of birds I’d never seen before, and some great views. Pictures forthcoming, probably tomorrow after visiting Taos.

Ugh. About 21 hours to go before touchdown in New Mexico. That suitcase won’t pack itself, unfortunately.

Pamela Paul will soon be a test case for Riley’s Law, if she already isn’t by proof of this inane article. I’m not going to directly link to the article; if you want to read it, click through to the Twitter link and get your brain pan ready.


I write a lot of snarky tweets about this sort of thing but earnestly: Everyone associated with the publication of this column should be ashamed of themselves.


I sort of did a "Feeds Reboot" by switching to Mastodon and other federated services a few months ago, but this is still something I might do this weekend.

How to do a Feeds Reboot to take back control of your algorithms - The Verge

I bought a very silly coffee table book.

The beginning was very interesting, but I will admit that I got bored in the middle and jumped to the end.

I'd complain that the bulk of the book was repetitive but that's only true in terms of structure. The content was very varied.

They really killed a million people to avoid a recession and got a recession anyway


1. Only a half-day of work tomorrow, then I’m off until the 18th.
2. Most of the NM planning is done.
3. Summer sleeping mode is in effect.


It is genuinely really cool to see the "make excuses for the Democrats" crowd to get so small. As someone who used to be in that crowd, and interacted with that crowd all the time.

I don't know what, if any, the effects of that would be. But even the hardest of the die-hards are either reversing themselves or simply shutting up

Something that people who have never been poor don't understand: Being broke _is_ a job.

Not having regular access to housing or the means to add convenience to your life makes just existing within capitalist-friendly car-oriented cities a constant chore.


In case anyone needs to hear this: it is absolutely okay to be unable to work or perform labor after being hurtled into this new level of hell.


You know what is WILD? Consolidated released Butyric Acid in 1994 nearly 30 years ago. Its lyrics are still relevant. Read the lyrics, play it, share it. I wish they had it on their bandcamp.

If you don't want an abortion don't get one.

Get tested for COVID.
Stop over-thinking it.
Take test, get result.
And think less.

(Something I think should be made into stickers, posters, etc.)

@HooksandDragons it’s not like I do either, just stream of consciousness. I feel like we don’t have to filter/curate for reach or always have a hot take here.

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