a well-read man will at once begin to yawn with boredom when one speaks to him of a new “good book,” because he imagines a sort of composite of all the good books that he has read, whereas a good book is something special, something unforeseeable, and is made up not of the sum of all previous masterpieces but of something which the most thorough assimilation would not enable him to discover.
(Proust judging us all)

Hi everyone! I work for English PEN, part of the global network of PEN centres defending free speech.

I'm very interested in the freedom of expression implications of Mastodon - in the sense that 1) it's a distributed network that might be harder for authoritarian regimes to shut down...

... but also 2) in the sense that it might enable the freedom of expression of those who feel attacked and bullied on other platforms.

Follow recommendations welcome.

- The federated timeline is eye-opening. All the messages in OTHER LANGUAGES!

Of course there is... Welcome to earth. But it's something we easily forget while living inside our own curated Twitter timeline.

Content Warning: Daily Mail front page ( but don't worry, it's only about school holidays, not the usual racism) 

Farringdon, : Interesting 'shadow' of a demolished structure left on the wall of the adjacent building.

Comment on Trump and unilateralism 

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Comment on Trump and Syria 


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