This is glorious. These are rotary LTE cell phones, USB-C charged, with mechanical ringers.

h/t @RussSharek

It has displays? And ONE OF THEM IS ePAPER!?

"2 displays: Front-side OLED and back-side ePaper"

I have no need for this and yet…

@rjrjr I was POSITIVE for a second that you were referencing the Yotaphone before I saw the initial post

@rjrjr @RussSharek It's a bit pricey but dang I do really want it, lol.

"Rotary dials are naturally resistant to butt dialing."

@rjrjr @RussSharek
"Rotary dials are naturally resistant to butt dialing." XD

@rjrjr @RussSharek Oh my goodness ... I need one. I don't yet know what for, but I need one.

@rjrjr I just picture myself going into the Apple store and ask for a SIM card tray pin, remove the card and put it into the rotary phone. Just because ...

@rjrjr @RussSharek @gaige I want one! 😐😐😐 But can I justify it?! 😂 I REALLY like the seafoam. but this is awesome! i would use this on a daily basis.

@rjrjr @RussSharek god those are actually rather attractive too, dang. also hell yeah ePaper display

@rjrjr @RussSharek those make a perfect 1st cell phone for tweens eager to fry their growing brains on Candy Crush

@rjrjr @RussSharek Can I get a cabled handset with this? please... 🤩

@rjrjr @RussSharek i love how from looking at them i can't work out what decade they're from

@rjrjr @RussSharek

I saw this toot the first time and my mind could not comprehend the totality of what it was seeing but just slid right by.

but now I see it and ... and ... I just ... I can't. Wild and amazing I have no words really.

@rjrjr i appreciate the engineering and i'm very happy i will never have to use one 😅.


@rjrjr @RussSharek German Magazine c't posted a blueprint for such a cellphone upgrade before they launched their maker magazine. It is neat, especially if you can upgrade your legacy hardware, like that french cafe wall phone from the 1960s

@rjrjr @RussSharek I love these, and I've been tempted to sign up for one as my smartphone slowly dies.
Though I do tend to communicate over text more than voice so it might not be ideal. I still love the idea behind them.

@Thalass @rjrjr

As the project evolves,I wonder if it could be used as an LTE modem. Then you could theoretically offload SMS to another device.

@RussSharek I have wondered about that myself. I keep getting the urge to make a nokia n900 clone, which is well beyond my skills right now, but maybe something simpler running circuitpython or arduino with the data coming over serial or USB to the RUSP could be feasible.


Neat. I would like a similar combo of devices someday

Relatedly, have you seen all the cool things @kelbot is doing with his #pinePDA ?

@RussSharek I haven't heard of that. I imagine it's like a pinephone without the cell network connection?


I believe it's a full pinephone in a keyboard case. The cool part is all the work on the terminal based ui kel's done.


I realized my masto client didn't give you the full username to follow:


@RussSharek @kelbot Ah nice! I have seen the pinephone. It's tempting for sure. I like the lora addon, too. That's neat haha

Please, stop posting this shit. This is not a real phone, that's just a picture made by someone never had real phone with rotary dialer.

@Camel @rjrjr

It's a real project from a couple of years ago. The prototype worked, and now the maker is going to produce a small run of kits later this year.

@Camel @RussSharek @rjrjr You do realize that that link takes you to where you can order one, right? Now whether it's vaporware or not is up for debate, but they do claim to be selling and shipping a kit.

@taur10 @Camel @rjrjr

Last I looked, the site was taking pre-orders with an expected ship date of Nov 2022.

Based on the track record of the maker and the reasonable timeline, I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

@RussSharek @rjrjr @Camel

> Please, stop posting this shit. This is not a real phone, that's just a picture made by someone never had real phone with rotary dialer.

.........ummmmm wtf? Sure, they're gimmicky, but really - don't you have better stuff to get this angry about? just wow.

@anatol @RussSharek I haven't bought one but the details look legit to me.

@rjrjr @anatol

I've been emailing back and forth with the developer of the project. If it isn't real, someone has created the most elaborate ruse I've seen in a while.

Also, firmware for tethering is not working yet, but on roadmap.

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