"I constantly go back and forth between being terrified that the people running the country are morons and being reassured that no matter their worst policies, at least they're morons." -- zachlipton, metafilter

Tangled to You - Marrying the Rescuemen Series, Book 3, by Avanda Freette

Software used was Torch-RNN (github.com/torch/rnn), and it's trained on a corpus of romance book titles from the King County and Seattle Public Libraries.

I made another bot. This one is a neural network trained on 30,000 romance book titles. Its "creativity" setting ranges between .5 and .95, since those were producing funny (to me) titles.


Look at these amazing matchbox designs I’ve stumbled upon

My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings! Welcome to my blog - I hope to update it every day!

Posted by kingozy May 6, 2002 11:04:21

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I wonder how many other bots are powered by @acb's dada engine? I'm guessing not a lot, but it's a pretty good tool for that.

I made a bot: botsin.space/@WarehouseWorker

It toots four times a day about the things you find as you go about your rounds in the Warehouse.


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