Or I could print a set of these out and see if they'll do the trick. It's not exactly what I was going for, but it's close enough: prusaprinters.org/prints/29634

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Hey, do I know anyone here with 3D printing & design experience? I'd like to fabricate a couple attachments for my respirator mask, and I think they'd be pretty easy to make for someone who knows how to use CAD software. Alas, that's not me. I'd be happy to pay you for a couple hours of assistance.

Hey, if you're on oulipo.social, apologies for the downtime. Turns out there was some kind of major change between the version we were on and the current version, and nothing about the way the oulipo restrictions were getting loaded works in the new version. If I can't figure this out soon, I'll start trying to figure out how to revert back to the last version that did work.

Ok, those were just the most recent comments that tipped them over, and I guess they've been unhappy about kibitzing in the relatively active comment section for a while now. Still, ouch. The strip's been running for 13 years and was probably going to conclude this year. I hope they're able to take a break and get a little distance and come back to finish it later, maybe with moderation assistance for the comments.

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Huh. My favorite webcomic artist just trashed the last three days of strips and replaced them with a message saying that since nobody likes it, they're going to stop drawing it. As far as I can see, it was in response to one anon comment complaining about the current story arc, and another commenter replying that it's well-written and badly-drawn. Those are the only truly negative comments I've seen among many positive ones.

I hope they're ok; this seems out of character.

Well! A few hours later, I have climbed my way out of the pit I fell in at the beginning, and I'm back to where I started! Hooray!

(Not actually true: the OS and database server have been upgraded; it's just Mastadon that's exactly how it was when I started.)

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Hoo. The upgrade of oulipo.social has hit a bit of a snag; please forgive the downtime as I figure out WTF's going on with postgresql.

Email I just sent about this event I'm helping with just ended with a question that boils down to "is anyone steering this ship, or have we all been assuming that someone else knows what's going on?"

That's... not the best feeling.

Follow-up question: I see that we're having karaoke out there. Has anyone thought to rent a karaoke machine, or are we going to have a laptop on stage open to youtube karaoke tracks? And whose laptop are you planning to use, if the latter?

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My weekend email:

> Hey, how much power do we have in the outdoor event space? I need to let the sound company know what to expect.

< How much do you need?

> Two 20-amp circuits should do.

< Do you have a list of equipment that needs power?

> No, because we're still soliciting quotes.

< You'll probably need a generator, because the 50 amp circuit inside the building is for catering equipment.

> So... that would be _no_ electricity available in the event space, then? Huh.

"Totally wireless"? Shit requires power, pal. Your fucking furniture doesn't even provide a way to charge a hypothetical "mobile sales experience" overnight, or keep a bank of battery chargers going for regular operations. Your failure to consider even the most basic requirements of a point of sale system should not constitute an emergency on my part.

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"The initial plan that informed the furniture design prescribed a totally wireless, mobile sales experience. Flash forward a few years later and here we are with our sales systems crystalized."

Yeah? Then maybe that should have been communicated to the project team which bought the point of sale software, because that was explicitly removed as a consideration when we were evaluating systems. The sales system is brand new; it's your furniture design that sucks, because we're not an Apple Store.

Them: Go ahead and order those things for us!
Me: Ok! I'll need a budget number and project code.
Them: Here's part of a budget number.
Me: I don't actually know your budget numbers, so I'll need the whole thing. And a project code.
Them: Here's the whole budget number.
Me: And project code?
Them (who have to use both a budget number and project code whenever they buy something, too): Oh! Here's a project code.

Every. Damn. Time.

Everyone at work, buying something on a budget number: "Please put this purchase on budget X and project code Y."

Me, ordering something on behalf of someone else: "I'll need a budget number and project code from you."

Them, almost every goddamned time: "Please use budget X."

Behold for Crush - Hather Under Husband Falls Series, Book 1, by Cora Kennedy

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