when i came to the fediverse i had to unlearn the response i had on twitter to be immediately combative to people in my mentions who would question what I said or suggest things, because on twitter they were almost always replyguys or sealioning.

however, the overwhelming majority of the time on fedi it's been well intentioned.

it's worth it to take one second to pause before replying when your brain immediately goes "well who the fuck are you" when someone responds to you. I still have that sometimes.

if you think they're being disingenuous it's good to take a second. look at their profile. be upfront and ask them what they mean. it's okay. if they are there to troll then they won't explain, or they'll just say the same shitty thing in a different way.

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i love asking for clarification and being asked for clarification, i think it makes communication more honest. I actively want you to ask me what I'm talking about or what something means. I do my best to give a clear explanation, even if what I said was a joke because I know not everyone will always get the context.

I love that I can have that kind of communication here.

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