don't fucking tell me "just wear contacts" when I complain about my mask fogging up my glasses fuck you

yeah sure I COULD "actually do something about it and not have to worry about it any more" but why would I do that when I could simply,, complain

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@rigatonimonster yeah hey only one of those is ok to have around tear gases

@rigatonimonster among other things wearing contacts is worse right now?? bc more face touching?? anyway here's hoping you find a mask that doesn't do that so much

@rigatonimonster I have wanted to get fitted for contacts for so long and now going to see an eye doctor is basically fucking impossible aaaaaaaaa

@photophoregirl the only time i ever tried contacts they were costume contacts and i despised them so I've never put any more effort into it. also i've never priced them out but I just kind of assume they're more expensive than glasses with my insurance.

@rigatonimonster They often are and they’re a huge pain in the ass lol
I wanted to get fitted partly for fashion / costume reasons and partly so I could wear a regular scuba mask instead of a prescription one bc my astigmatism is so strong
but that was before the virus obvs.

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