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overly dramatic food mention 

so what's the topic today huh? oh, landlords eh?well we sure don't like those am I right folks


I am not happy to do this but I need to raise a little bit of money to get me through a tight spot. I am shooting for about $300 which I know is a lot but would help. Anything would obviously help tho.

I visited my family out of town twice this month to see my mom who is sick, unfortunately this means that I am not working when I am out of town.

Any amount would be appreciated 💜
Venmo: @eleanorstav
Cashapp: $veryeleanor

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Pretend I did the whole gif and man, woman, masc, and femme are also bullets

I have to go back to work so I quit halfway through but, haha yeah

my coworker: "check out this video where a guy pranks a guy trying to steal shit out of his van by closing the door behind him and driving him across town lol"

me: ah.. so you mean.... kidnapping.......

did anyone ever actually like 3d movies or did filmmakers just have a new toy they wanted to play with for like 7 years straight

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I miss the golden age of hollywood

the early 2010s when 3d movies gained popularity so every single movie had a scene where something cgi would fly at the camera regardless of how much sense it made for the film style

the good ol days

I have so much hair now

(bed selfie, eye contact, good hair)

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