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new #introduction post 

I'm sydney, 26 year old newly married college student studying social work in Las Vegas

I make bad jokes & shitpost a lot, & I've moved accounts literally 5 times since I joined the fediverse over a year ago bc I'm a stereotypical libra, although I don't really know anything else about astrology

interests include but are not limited to pokemon, psychology/sociology, animal crossing, LGBTQ+ history, & social justice

I do NOT like flirting, anything gross, or blood/gore

we did that tiktok couple game where you buy stuff for each other but we added a category (Mew is our dog)

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is boy howdy the energetic opposite of boy bye? 🤔

I want to change my username to Tow Girlfriend but I know julles is eventually gonna change theirs to Toe Girlfriend if I do

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yes he's working
no I don't know when
yes we're still
no he's not

heaving my breasts like a character in a book written by a middle aged white man

So if you grow sunflowers and they've gone over/started to dry, consider bagging up the leaves and stalks and giving them to your local small animal rescue.

Maybe even just leaving them outside with a sign saying free sunflowers for bunnies or something.
These kind of things have a tendency to be quite pricey, so it's always nice to help out pet owners where you can, and save yourself space in your garden waste bin 😊

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shout outs to my husband being a literal expert at defensive driving because we just almost got t-boned by someone going over 60 in a 45 🙃

heaving my breasts like a character in a book written by a middle aged white man

EZLN, donation request, government violence, :boost_ok: 

The Zapatistas have been under attack by paramilitary forces backed by the Obrador government. The attackers have just burned two coffee warehouses, and the community is asking for support.

amazon is bad because their small cardboard boxes are too small for my small cat

I just really need everyone to be aware that vin diesel released a somg

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stop faving this toot and start listening to the vin diesel song

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everyone go listen to the terrible vin diesel song but do not listen to kygo

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after listening to some more kygo I realize the youtube was right it is a kygo ass song

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