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reminder that the former chief deputy public defender for my county specifically said "don't talk to cops"

even casually. even if they're investigating something nearby and looking for witnesses. don't talk to cops.

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could a depressed person do this?? *I start shaking a pencil to make it look like it's bending*

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I forgot this wasnt pinned on my profile any more but fyi if you don't understand a joke or post I make I'm always more than happy to explain it if you ask. but I'm not cool with playful rudeness/defensiveness/contrarianism if I don't know you, because the playfulness doesn't come across the way you think it does

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new #introduction again 

I'm sydney, 27 year old married college student studying social work in Las Vegas

I'm white, bi/pan, I make bad jokes & shitpost a lot, I've moved accounts 5 times since I joined the fediverse 2 years ago, I'm a libra (shocking), I don't know what a blockchain is, and I got anxiety

interests include but are not limited to nail art, pokemon, psychology/sociology, animal crossing, LGBTQ+ history, & social justice

I do NOT like flirting, gross things, or blood/gore

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the enormous sense of power that comes with denying a follow request

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anatomy fun fact 

If you laid out all of the blood vessels in a human body end-to-end, they would die.

I aspire to become the basketball milf from the meme

the week on Mastodon Kitchen, our contestants must prepare an original entrée using communism, furry avatars and replyguy tears

if i lived in a literal castle i would want my haters to know where i live

hope they make a mr bean decades long series of movies 007 style

blaming "lazy workers" for the current economic crunch is so funny. da greatest political/economic system in da world, defeated because people just want to watch tv or whatever instead

the fact that the American civil war ended without the Confederate parties being disenfranchised for generations did immeasurable harm to America

did you know that nobody was charged with treason, and that nearly every confederate officer or official who asked was pardoned?

no shit reconstruction fell apart in less than ten years

the primary perpetrators went free!

rebranding rudolph as a men's rights reindeer who was targeted by the other reindeer for speaking the truth about the lady elves being sluts or whatever

when grimes wrote we appreciate power who was she trying to convince

transplanted a pepper plant from hydroponic to soil tonight hope I didn't completely traumatize and kill the poor thing

when people try to explain anything mechanical or programming or scientific like my brain turns into a fork in a microwave

in this, the year of our lord 2021, my stepdad is still reading drudge report

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