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reminder that the former chief deputy public defender for my county specifically said "don't talk to cops"

even casually. even if they're investigating something nearby and looking for witnesses. don't talk to cops.

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could a depressed person do this?? *I start shaking a pencil to make it look like it's bending*

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I forgot this wasnt pinned on my profile any more but fyi if you don't understand a joke or post I make I'm always more than happy to explain it if you ask. but I'm not cool with playful rudeness/defensiveness/contrarianism if I don't know you, because the playfulness doesn't come across the way you think it does

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new #introduction again 

I'm sydney, 27 year old married college student studying social work in Las Vegas

I'm white, bi/pan, I make bad jokes & shitpost a lot, I've moved accounts 5 times since I joined the fediverse 2 years ago, I'm a libra (shocking), I don't know what a blockchain is, and I got anxiety

interests include but are not limited to nail art, pokemon, psychology/sociology, animal crossing, LGBTQ+ history, & social justice

I do NOT like flirting, gross things, or blood/gore

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the enormous sense of power that comes with denying a follow request

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asking me to explain a gap in my resume is a violation of my hipaa rights

work shit 

also, had I gotten that question "wrong" by marking none of the above I would have failed the training and had to do it again

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work shit 

just did "cultural competency" training & it said a "sexual minority" is someone who is not heterosexual OR belongs to the LGBT community, defining transgender ppl along w the explanation of the acronym. so then it asks me a little quiz question about what "sexual minority" means, & the answers included 2 completely unrelated things, "non-heterosexual person", or none of the above. I'm like.. well it's none of the above bc str8 trans ppl exist but I know that's not the answer yall want

local gov, covid, - 

yesterday my husband told me he transported 3 covid patients with O2 sats in the 80s who got put in the lobby. our cases have quadrupled in the last month. but NOW you want to mandate masks again? it's too fucking late. hospitals are over max capacity and you did nothing. I already know you're not going to shut down bars and restaurants again because it's an election year

actually if you close and go to your console settings, move time forward by 8 days, then reenter propoganda will die of old age

@zorotl “Instead, use the terms ‘Person of Sexuality’ or ‘PoS’”

food/health/menstruation ~ 

I've been doing really good with not eating carbs or sugar for the most part and my blood sugar has been really good because of it, but since my period won't fucking regulate and I'm getting cramps even though it's only been a week and a half, idk if I'm gonna be able to resist making chicken pot stickers

@rigatonimonster posting the osha poster in the break room of the guillotine supplier

🤚 posting the osha poster in the break room
👉 posting the phone number of a local guillotine supplier in the break room next to the osha poster

I am going to ride my bike on a highway in protest of philly

if you can't remember the six genders you can just use PEMDAS

microsoft word should have a friends list like steam so my friends can see me working on the 34th revision of SW513_midterm_draft1_final_finalfinal.docx

if you can't remember the six genders you can just use PEMDAS


had carrots with lunch. ate them all. now I want more carrots but don't have any. :blobsad:

childhood trauma 

I'm training on childhood trauma stuff and "over-controlled behaviors" and thinking back to when I was so terrified of doing something perceived as weird that I would just stay completely still in social situations

I am very tired of online training and I'll be doing this all week, probably longer

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