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new #introduction post 

I'm sydney, 26 year old newly married college student studying social work in Las Vegas

I make bad jokes & shitpost a lot, & I've moved accounts literally 5 times since I joined the fediverse over a year ago bc I'm a stereotypical libra, although I don't really know anything else about astrology

interests include but are not limited to pokemon, psychology/sociology, animal crossing, LGBTQ+ history, & social justice

I do NOT like flirting, anything gross, or blood/gore

Landlords don't need handouts, they need dignity of work! Keep your rent, your landlord will thank you later when they break the cycle of dependence.

stranger things spoilery I guess 

is the increasing pro-capitalism propoganda season to season a parody based on the red scare anti communism pro reagan wave in the 80s? like in season 3 it was almost too ridiculous but idk it could have been sincerely written by some libertarian fuckboys

how tf did we all get conned into a system where we have to pay money to exist. tf.

@dankwraith Americans blamed "outside agitators" during Gabriel's Rebellion, a slave revolt in 1800 in Richmond, Virginia

"hey, it's nite crew hours SOMEWHERE right?" i say while popping open a refreshing can of teeth in the middle of the goddamn afternoon.

One thing my Judeo-Christian values have taught me is that Jesus Christ either is or is not the messiah.

Xennials will never own a house. Or rent. They like to do things the old fashioned way. All you need is elbow grease and landlord parents

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THB the bot posts are hilarious because they have no idea what #socialistteeth means or whether they should be for or against it

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Xennials are the only generation to be latchkey kids with helicopter parents. the only generation to have too much and too little screen time. the only generation to support and then later go back on their support of the iraq war.

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i don't want to see anyone shit on Xennials. without Xennials who would be somehow the drunkest and least entertaining uncle in the family? who would go to brand new shows and demand they play songs from the first album? face it: without Xennials how i met your mother would NEVER have gotten the ratings it did. show some respect

how to get your e-girl name 

step 1: type your name

There's nothing more frustrating than learning how easily fixable societal problems are, and realizing that it'll never happen

Begpost/ rant/ roommates and shite 

Hey y’all. I was hit with an increased utilities bill because my roommates moved out a week before they would be charged so now I have to pay $102.39 on top of paying my phone bill ($112) and for food while being without an income at the moment. If anyone is feeling generous or want to buy are things from me, I would be grateful.

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

P.s. roommates suck ass


no one: sydney you've put way too much granola in your yogurt it's basically cereal at this point

me, loudly crunching my yogurt: fuck yuo i do what i want

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