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charity donation ask, boosts good 

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new #introduction post 

why yes, i do just want to go apeshit

can't believe I had a public mental health meltdown on twitter instead of mastodon today

all sea bass do is eat hot bait and lie

assembling all the dragonballs just to ask shenron to make my dog be able to tell me what she dreams about

Dear fedi,
Where do you get cheap plus size clothing?

Boost appreciated


*pointing at my obvious appendectomy scars* wanna know how I got these scars

that little prrrrp noise that cats make when u wake them up hit that bell icon to be in the notifications squad if u agree

covid19 related, employment, family, - 

Lmfaooo best screen grab by this movie I took. Same, panicked government employee, same.

i will never respect the sun as a vital component of our ecosystem fuck the sun

onward review, slight spoiler 

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