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Lemuel Boyce ๐Ÿฅ‡ @rhymiz@octodon.social

do people still use actively use this?

Was wondering if you guys missed me

My Lyft driver is arguing with me... wtf.

When you drop knowledge on people and they call you clueless.

Road trip to Nantucket for the weekend!

lifehack: if you say "I'll be right back" as you leave a room, you can say "as the prophecy foretold" when you re-enter

@butlermatt you're a Rust developer!! That's so awesome! I've been trying to figure out a side project so I could get some exposure to Rust.

@starbreaker @Siphonay To be fair, I'm the opposite. I moved from DevOps where I started to loathe going into work, to full time programmer which I've always been passionate about, and I love it. Going on 3 years ago I changed and I've advanced quickly and now work from home and love what I do and the company and industry I'm in.

I intend on retiring before 35, so, I guess development helps me with saving up to support that ambitious goal.

@starbreaker @Siphonay

@starbreaker also, because this is the internet, you may want to delete your toots at some point, just for job security (whatever that means). :wink:

And I don't mean that Linux is bad either... It's really good, in fact. Just that it's not adequate for the same uses as Windows. I prefer a Linux dev environment way better than a Windows one

I didn't mean to flame guys I just wanted to say that if what you want is basically a free, open source and functional MS Windows clone, you're out of luck with Linux.

Let it be known throughout the entire universe:

Internet Explorer should ONLY be used to download Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Once that task has been completed, IE should, in essence be extremely dead to you.

Best Regards,

Developers (who have to support that shit)

@rhymiz I have, but coding in rails is way easier

Has anyone written any Kotlin code? I'm curious and kind of on the fence about it.