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Lemuel Boyce 🥇 @rhymiz

do people still use actively use this?

Was wondering if you guys missed me

My Lyft driver is arguing with me... wtf.

@timv same here! Busy is good, as long as it's getting you somewhere!

@obcilion I worked. Glad you got the day off, though!

@DialMforMara I worked. But I like my job, so it was no biggy. I hope you managed to do ALL your laundry!

How is everyone's Monday going?

When you drop knowledge on people and they call you clueless.

Road trip to Nantucket for the weekend!

lifehack: if you say "I'll be right back" as you leave a room, you can say "as the prophecy foretold" when you re-enter


Ah, this is your chance! *evil laugh*

I think Rust is a little easier to wrap your head around than C, at least, for someone who hasn't done any kind of work in C.

There is a learning curve, but it's not too bad. In my opinion, of course.

@butlermatt That makes sense. I've seen people take that approach before. Result is usually 50/50.

I think you'd be much happier using Rust as a C replacement (if that's your plan).

Totally forgot to add Javascript to that list.

Go is very, very fast. We make our Go services work pretty hard.

Mind providing a link to the org/repo on Github?

@butlermatt Nice! We use Go, Ruby, Scala, Java, Python and Elixer at my job.

@butlermatt you're a Rust developer!! That's so awesome! I've been trying to figure out a side project so I could get some exposure to Rust.