Watching HOPE2022 talks reminded me I’ve been meaning to come back here

I'd shoot down a drone that some aggro rich kid flew into my neighborhood too.

Just held my sunglasses still and put my face into them instead of using my hands to put them on my face so pretty sure I'm a malfunctioning android instead of a real boy after all

Without googling I can tell you:

1) there is almost certainly a band called The Pocket Squares, and

2) they almost certainly make music I would hate.

On this day in 1945 the good people of Italy established a high watermark for "bash the fash".

You should never wish for somebody's death.

That's more of a praying thing.

Looking forward to Giuliani claiming there's such a thing as a "suborning perjury trap".

Am I a 45 year old man spinning on an office chair and fist pumping over a relatively minor victory in SSB Ultimate? Only my Switch know for sure...

I keep thinking about a sentence I saw a few weeks ago that referred to "the untimely deaths of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette". I mean, yes, certainly, untimely in the sense that they didn't die of natural causes. But there aren't many other individual deaths that are more emblematic of their times.

The phrase "the genealogical lines of famous dogs and horses" keeps repeating in my head this morning for some reason. It's like the worst mantra ever.

Trump's tweet about the fed is straight up rectumnal.

Because I'm pretty secure in what kind of adult I've turned out to be, here's my Pokemon Go trainer/friend code: 2105 8269 6509.

I think about that scene from the UK Office where an employee tells David "There's not good news and bad news: there's bad news and irrelevant news" A LOT these days.

Man, I picked the wrong week to put all my savings in Caesar salad futures.

Also, whoa, I've been on Mastodon for almost a year and a half?

In another universe, Trump is our first gay cineaste president and every morning he watches Fassbinder's FOX AND HIS FRIENDS.

So really, we're just one possessive pronoun away from a better world.

Excited for my sleep study tonight, which is maybe counterproductive.

Even when I'm having one, the term "annus horribilis" still makes me giggle.

"Yes, but at least we got 'Mooo!'."

Me explaining to future generations how Doja Cat saved 2018

Took two Benadryl despite being exhausted because I'm just that impatient.

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