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Andy Keener

Hey my friend is streaming Outlast 2 and giving away games too. You should watch!

Hey look it's food I made that people are paying Real Dollars for.

Still haven't heard back from the place I interviewed at last week, so I'm taking that as bad news.

But today I'm catering at a bar so that's Pretty Cool Yo.

@atootingtwit Hey send me links for your job openings

Ok, self promotion time. I'm trying to start up a catering business so I now have a Facebook page. If I could get some of you awesome people to like it, that would be wonderful, no stress though.

And if you're in the area, and want somebody to cater a small event (or do menu/food planning/prep for you) then let me know!

Might be time to bust out the GoFundMe again. Bills aren't gonna get paid this month.

So hey, if somebody wants to send me some money to pay bills I"d super appreciate that. Still haven't heard back from the interview I had last week, which I'm taking as bad news. Delivering for Amazon has dried up, this graveyard shift paper route pays but not enough and now I'm always tired.

Anywho here's a link if somebody wants.

This evening I wanted to work on my game and implement some ideas I had but my oldest daughter asked to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie together so that's what I did.

Sometimes I get frustrated at how much time they take as Tiny Humans I Am In Charge Of but I know at the end of it all, it's more important that I spend quality time with them.

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I see everyone on here talking about their difficulties and challenges and you're all such sweethearts. I just want to wrap you all in bubbles so the world can't hurt you. 80 foot tall bubbles... Made of steel... With arms and legs and advanced missile systems and laser eyes... Wait I'm thinking of mechs. I want to wrap you all in mechs.

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I am back! With a very important announcement!





did u know boobytrap backwards is partyboob

Looking for good suggestions on interesting video game channels. Things like Summoning Salt (Speedrun world record progression), Sequelitis (Design comparisons on sequels), VaatiVidya (in depth analysis of Dark Souls/bloodborne).

Not really interested in Let's Plays, reviews, or previews.

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"Squidward" = "in the direction of the squid"

My mom, who has very little money, sent me fifty bucks to help with bills.

I feel worse now for not having a job and struggling than I did before, if even she's sending me help.

But I'm not so prideful that I won't accept it.

Plz boost this is an important question.

How does talking to villagers in rpgs work. Do you just say "hi" and the npc tells you their life story? Do you just eavesdrop? How does this actually work.

Gonna try making some sprites. Whoo boy

I just had a decent phone interview and I'm super excited but god I don't want to get my hopes up.

What ever happened to Google glass

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Still don't have a job but am trying to get my food business off the ground. Need a logo.

Is any artist willing to spend like five minutes making a small one for me? I can pay about five dollars. I know that's basically nothing for commissioned art but I want to respect your time and pay something, understanding that I'm basically paying for a very very quick sketch.

I'm surprised every single time to remember there is a Limp Bizkit Greatest Hits album

I'm on the verge of an emotional breakdown but Goddamnit I'm going to try and make today a great day.