Hi Masto! What's the latest drama? I haven't been here in months.

Also good morning.

Ohh hey Masto long time no toot.

Turns out, working two jobs is exhausting and I don't think "let me hop onto social media" when i have a break.

I started my new job today and it's pretty awesome

@atootingtwit thanks for lunch! I put I Am Error on hold at the library.

Does anybody have any good recommendations for Android Studio/Android Dev tutorials/youtube channels/websites?

I know plenty of good Unity/game dev ones, but when it comes to actual android development I'm just finding random shit and Official Docs which are fine but not fun.

I picked 18 pounds of strawberries today.

(ok well as a family we picked that many but still)

love you Masto. take care, please. It's rough out there and focusing on the macro is so goddamn depressing. Try to make sure the micro is worthwhile. Reach out to others, tell somebody you love them, ask somebody about their day. Just try to make small changes to make this a better place.

Hey guys I want to do a selfie how do I do that so it doesn't suck

ginny is still in need of support for things like: food 🍎, bills 💸, & medication :inhaler:

check out her patreon for things she's currently working on, & give a small monthly pledge if you can: patreon.com/ginnymcqueen

she also has a shop you can get cute anti-facist catwear & cool coffee mugs: sunflower.cafe/

ginny is a very great human, & also a very great resource to any social media site given her expertise in online harassment.


please support &/or boost!

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Ohh hey I got a job working on Halo so that's super awesome.

Hi Masto, I wrote this on Facebook on Thursday and totally forgot to share here

"Well it's been a long time, but finally the impossible has happened.

I got a job offer today! I'll wait until I actually start before I say what it is, but suffice to say it's basically everything I've wanted since I was in high school. All the shit I've done has led me here and I'm so excited."

Ok so this is shameless self promotion time. I never do this shit.

Here's my stupid pet rock app

and here's the discord link

Basically I'm doing this really stupid thing but it's fun to add all this shit. And I am actively taking feature requests and working on it pretty much every day. I doubt it will ever make me money but fuck, it's fun.

Ok so I'm making a pet rock simulator and I keep adding features and now I have AR-ish and I can't stop fucking laughing

What am i even doing

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