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Andy Keener

I'm diving deeper into coding and game development than I have before, and I just learned about out parameters and I'm losing my mind.

How have I never learned about this shit in the 10+ years I've been coding/in the tech industry.

@Valkrysa Hiya! Do you mind if I add you on FB? Totally fine if it's only for meatspace friends.

Also I'm getting into this Udemy course and man, I really love it. You were so right.

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SkiFree yeti was the original Slenderman

Good afternoon Masto! How is everybody?

Sometimes I want to reach out to all the people who have the same name as me and just, like, hang out. Talk to them. See what's up.

I'm weird and also drunk.

Ok so I'm starting my, uhh, third game now. Maybe this is the one I push to finish?

I probably don't need to be drinking anymore since no job but my wife bought me a bomber of a local brew and it's pretty fantastic.

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Officially without a job. Freeing, yet terrifying.

ok that last line was just stupid to be stupid. I don't seriously use the word "swole" ever

One thing I miss having money to buy is protein powder and preworkout. I know that, per serving, they're not incredibly expensive, but I just don't have fifty bucks to drop on a bottle of meal replacement protein, or thirty bucks to drop on the preworkout. And I don't know when I will again.

I just wanna get swole again.

Another possible school shooting at a college that I used to live RIGHT next to and would take my kids on walks around.

Fuck everything.

Last day at my job. Kinda feels weird. Hope I'm making the right choice leaving a place that is absolutely the wrong fit.

Now I just gotta find out how to get money.

Hahahaha my boss is transferring to another team. Apparently the client is just too fucking awful to work with.

I mean, that's one of the reasons I'm leaving too.

I'm watching the latest xXx movie (the ones with Vin Diesel not porn) and it's the most ridiculous thing but it's fun.

Sorry, that was exceptionally sad. I've had several interviews and they all felt pretty good but nobody seems to want to bite the bullet on me.

I'm at the point where I just want to figure out how to make money for myself instead of working somewhere else. That should be easy, right?

Just got an email saying I didn't get the job I interviewed for last week.

At what point will I get the message?

Wooooo that last drink was too much but this erotic horror movie is pretty hot so I'm having a pretty decent Sunday night I think.