Ok I know this is like a 1990 hot take but I'm so tired of albums with gratituous sexualised images of women on the covers.

Just migrated my bookkeeping to hledger and everything is SO MUCH BETTER

@some_qualia I've built several computers and taken an advanced course on computer architecture and I don't know either. As far as I understand, not much has happened in the last few years though as Intel messed up, so it's probably a good idea to but a two-three year old really high end CPU and hope for the best.

My girlfriend is spending the next half year literally on the other side of the planet, so I made a chocolate calendar of sorts to count the days until she returns octodon.social/media/1DnGigli0

I'm a bit worried about Bandersnatch, not because of the choose your own adventure model or anything (I think that's in the range between fun and a very good idea), but because one can imagine the same without choice, i.e. a TV series that uses data on the viewer's preferences to show them similar things to what they have already seen, which I think runs a very real risk of empoverishing culture (even more).

I love how alt texts are a big help for me, someone who has perfect vision but very poor image analysis skills

@er1n GOOD because I'm very much in a place where I need a steady stream of kitten pictures in my life right now

I'd love to make some detached ironic joke about 2019, but just given the things I *know* will happen in my life this year, I am legit scared out of my wits.

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as 2019 is, in fact, GNU/Year.

Also all my belated Christmas presents landed well and I'm so relieved about that. Have been low key terrified about messing that up for weeks.

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not gonna lie, not a big fan of CWing for, quote, "sincerity."

it's okay to be a person, ya don't gotta be the Shitpost Irony Czar, having feelings won't get you edited outta all the pictures

I'm at a new year's celebration where almost everyone is a) tired, b) in tights or sweatpants, and c) knitting. It's half past ten and we're seriously contemplating going to bed before the new year. My kind of party!

Me and some friends have a new year's quiz for 2019 (in Swedish), in case anyone's interested. goo.gl/forms/4bL3RkVr8yNozx0J2

@garfiald Thank you! Err I think "speak" is a bit of an over-statement but I'm learning

@garfiald this is INSANE. Also where can I read about gender-neutral French?

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Soon enough, the French Academy rose to the occasion, and published its opinion on this version of French which doesn't exclude women and nonbinary people by design.

They described it as a "mortal peril".

I'm not joking, this is a real quote from its official declaration. Including women and nonbinary people in your spelling puts the French language in "mortal peril".

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When I say it's impossible to talk about someone in French without gendering them, this is not strictly true. There is an entire system of "inclusive writing", complete with neopronouns (there are no gender-neutral pronouns in what I'm going to call "classical French") to remedy the language's huge flaws.

But the use of gender-neutral language in France isn't simply a question of using the words to make them more commonplace. It's a political battle.

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