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ugh i hate c++

even the most mundane shit gets verbose and messy

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@Alexis Yes, it is technically true that I have bombed all my planes with cream cheese, as it happens!

@Alexis I know for a facts hard cheeses work fine though, but they did get me an extra search at the security scan thing. Apparently, they look like "something you should not say out lout at an airport".

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What would it look like if we collectively moved out of suburbs and exurbs into many, many walkable areas with the density of Manhattan — but only for twenty or so blocks, and then wilderness or parks or farmland?

I'm watching The Incredible Hulk (2008) and wow had they not found out the formula for superhero movies. Also, the casting is awful; all actors sound like they are reading their script from a paper.

@Alexis I once got in trouble for peanut butter, but I think that might have been in Italy

@lynnesbian This is An important motivation for banning corporate-run infrastructure I think

@monkeyborg it’s also a place where literal space and time is extra bendy and it’s possible to literally not know what day it is or (technically) which country one is in.

Ok I know this is like a 1990 hot take but I'm so tired of albums with gratituous sexualised images of women on the covers.

Just migrated my bookkeeping to hledger and everything is SO MUCH BETTER

@some_qualia I've built several computers and taken an advanced course on computer architecture and I don't know either. As far as I understand, not much has happened in the last few years though as Intel messed up, so it's probably a good idea to but a two-three year old really high end CPU and hope for the best.

My girlfriend is spending the next half year literally on the other side of the planet, so I made a chocolate calendar of sorts to count the days until she returns

I'm a bit worried about Bandersnatch, not because of the choose your own adventure model or anything (I think that's in the range between fun and a very good idea), but because one can imagine the same without choice, i.e. a TV series that uses data on the viewer's preferences to show them similar things to what they have already seen, which I think runs a very real risk of empoverishing culture (even more).

I love how alt texts are a big help for me, someone who has perfect vision but very poor image analysis skills

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