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Once safe international travel is possible again, would you be interested in attending a weekend demoparty in Toronto? Please boost!

Does anyone know what happened to switching.social?

parenting in the age of mass surveillance 

I am so worried about mass surveillance tools far outreaching what states of yesteryear had access to in the hands of parents, the worst social group of every society.

My new blog; entry about (gender) identity, etc 

Ok, that was a suboptimal shortening of that handle I didn't foresee. Maybe I should change it, err.

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My new blog; entry about (gender) identity, etc 

HA! I just published the first entry of a blog I have been working on for a while now. The idea is to write thought-trough medium reads of various observations to get more of my texts out the door.

My first entry is on identity, identity politics, and what it means to be uncertain about things in a "social justice wars" setting: observatory.blog/identity-unce

The blog is hosted on Write.as and federates new entries to @read@observatory.blog!

Today is the sort of day I add "Brush teeth" to my to-do list.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to start learning how to make music with synthesisers? I can’t find any good tutorials but I have a Volca keys. It seems reasonable to me to start with what I have and work from there.

GDPR enforcement 

GDPR may not be perfect, but it just slapped a roughly 20 000 € fine on a school experimenting with facial recognition for class attendance in what sounds like something from a nightmarishly dystopian future.

I seriously thought it was “Coke brothers” and wondered why nobody ever made jokes about rich right-wingers’ drug habits.

I like how it seems the Fediverse has scared off every single slightly famous person who came here. I’m not at all sure it’s healthy, but it’s certainly funny.

trans care 

In case anyone wonders what the state of trans care in Sweden is, there's an 8-month (Stockholm) or 18-month (my city) waiting time to see someone, and then it apparently takes an additional "6-12 months" before you get a diagnosis.

This is a prerequisite to legally change gender on your ID and in official documents, or for any kind of treatment including hormones.

"Official documents" includes the online-searchable record of all citizens, and your ID number, which encodes gender.

Me, a sane person, just started crying because our seed-grown baobab tree "has gotten so big and there's so many seeds that don't get to grow that tall".

I'm definitely coming down with something, it seems.

mh, dysphoria, theory applied to life 

Who could have guessed that roughly 10 years after figuring out that I was probably suffering from dysphoria, I would have finally (unsuccessfully) tried everything to control it except transitioning, including Toughening Up, The Position That Gender Is Not A Thing, and I Can Define Myself As Whatever I Want.

Spoiler: sex/gender is a social construct. Turns out other people's opinions and actions apparently matter.

Also, please send help.

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ugh i hate c++

even the most mundane shit gets verbose and messy

Assange, mention of sexualised violence 

My hot take on the arrest thing is this; I think Assange seems to be an overall unpleasant person and a clown, and that WikiLeaks have gone completely off the rails a long time ago.

I also think that he obviously should be persecuted on the charges of rape and obviously not persecuted for whatever the US is allegating, and would happily walk in a march for both of these cases.

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What would it look like if we collectively moved out of suburbs and exurbs into many, many walkable areas with the density of Manhattan — but only for twenty or so blocks, and then wilderness or parks or farmland?

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I'm watching The Incredible Hulk (2008) and wow had they not found out the formula for superhero movies. Also, the casting is awful; all actors sound like they are reading their script from a paper.

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