not joking here. serious post. if it becomes impossible to block ads at some point i'll just end up browsing the web like stallman does, furiously tapping the hook switch on a 1950s bell telephone to approximate V.32 9.6 kbps frequency/phase shift keying, with the telephone's audio output connected to one of those seismogram plotters. this will give me a paper copy that i can annotate & peruse at my leisure (ie write in the data in pencil, mark the start of packets with a highlighter)


@jk Hosts-based blocking (with a cron to update it) works really well in my experience. I usually see exactly one ad per week, and that's on a private tracker that serves nsfw ads from their own domain.
However, if your work is in any way related to ads/tracking, this is a no-go. It breaks everything in that regard, which is acceptable/positive to me, but not if your income depends on it.

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