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Mastodon Is Crumbling, and Many Blame a Project Called Corner Prophets, Which Organizes Hip-hop Concerts With Israeli and Palestinian Rappers With the Stated Intention of Promoting Peace and Coexistence Through the Arts

think i'll livetoot my personal perpetual grinding struggle against being an employee in the dark heart of neoliberalandia

Mastodon is Crumbling -- And Many Blame the Touch of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, Who Has The Ability To Turn Federated Social Media Sites Into Gravel Via His Mothers' Love Or Something Like That

@spookcentral I'm not like an ultimate menace, but I can be reoccurring from seasons 1-3 and then have a redemption arc to fight against the big bad or somethign

the space junk galaxy theme is the best music of the wii generation

Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN-AM is crumbling—and many blame its creator

look we know what politics on social media is supposed to be, and its 75 separate accounts with 12.5k followers quote tweeting another account with 12.5k followers because it turned out they financed their DSA initiatives with money their father made owning a farm in 70s Rhodesia

you know, for an apolotical social network, mastodont dot gov has been weirdly accepting of me posting 5,000 word un-cw'd rants about the anarchist subtext in Kirby's Epic Yarn

bad news, folks. I read the daily dot article and they've convinced is dead

I'd be very curious what Thomas Jefferson would have made of Karl Marx---something tells me he'd enthusiastically support his writings and recommend them but would also be completely and totally unwilling to make the changes Marx wanted like "actually getting rid of your slaves" and "letting poor people actually decide things"

I hate it when an email from Bank of America has my name as the first word in the subject, like "Max, closing cost help PLUS a $200 bonus". Don't address me by name. I only bank with you because when I was 11 and wanted to put my $50 christmas check from grandma in the bank you were open on saturdays and suntrust wasn't

If pop radio doesn't at the very least play the travis scott track, they're revealing their own cowardice and lowercase C conservatism

#ff @Torie she’s pretty cool and funny. Excellent. Gay. We love it. Stan a lesbian queen. Follow her.

saddest thing I've ever learned from wikipedia:

While Mother's Day has the highest number of phone calls, the most collect calls are made on Father's Day.

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