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@realmaxkeeble fake Max Keeble, real bird

Curious Cat post 

Curious Cat user (anonymous) asks: please write your full name, adress, credit card info and social security number below

My answer: Max Keeble
Box 3500
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA 02238

1244-2355-2305 (cv 234)
Social: 000-34-0354

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Curious Cat user (anonymous) asks: go away

My answer: oh you know im not gonna do that

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Curious Cat user (anonymous) asks: so is the question of whether max keeble is real or fake dependent on some kind of shrödingers cat situation?

My answer: the real max keeble is the human one. the fake max keeble is the bird one. thanks for reading

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Curious Cat user (anonymous) asks: is there something i need to know?

My answer: Yes: in the 2013 movie Pixels, Josh Gad's character fucks Q-bert

i think it's high time we retire the vague "Internet of Things" moniker in favor of the much more descriptive "Internet of Bullshit Stuff" since none of it is good. Folks, I.B.S. is the future of tech

we are recording our 40th episode of Commune College tonight. 40 dang episodes. I'm so dang happy people have been enjoying our podcast ;w;

Idea for super Mario Odyssey 2:

Mario must save the metro kingdom from city planner Waluigi, who is on the verge of bulldozing the town square to build the Cross Donks Expressway

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New Donk City is like Pyongyang cosplaying as 1940s New York

@realmaxkeeble in this season of This Old Account, we're rehabilitating this sad dated empty box of an account into a lovely and livable Midcentury Modern account

there's some good space here in these dead accounts. we'll have to spray for roaches, of course, but a fresh coat of paint could serve these places well

there's probably a lot of people without any accounts at all that could use a 200 follower account like this

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wandering around the husks of mastodon accounts abandoned since september 2018 and livin in them like a hermit crab

the second funniest part about the Pagliacci joke is that the doctor is abysmal. Imagine seeing this dude:

YOU: I have depression

DOCTOR: I dunno, go see a fuckin clown or something

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