some knzk statistics, or knzkstics

congrats to use users whose posts have made me smile the most, @selontheweb (twice) , @garfiald , @Aleums , @smudgehell , @nuttgodd , @spookcentral @byttyrs , @citrustwee , and @LuigiEsq

note the tone shift even in the song titles. "No More Pain (Promises to a Yonger Self)" and "Preparation Rituals" vs. "Pain" and "Who I Will Become"

if you're trans and need inspiration:

the first picture was the cover of octo octa's first full length album, "between two selves" released in 2013 when she was still closeted

she realized she was trans back in 2012 when she read an article about laura jane grace on her lunch break. she came out publicly in 2015

the second picture is her next album, from 2017

fun fact:

much of what we think of the shape of the state of Louisiana is not there anymore.

the orange parts of this map from the Louisiana geographic survey show parts of the state that have been lost to the sea since 1937

this has been mostly caused by man made action. in addition to sea level rise, the mississippi river delta was formed by sediment deposits that due to levees and other flood control mechanisms don't float downstream as often anymore

Embracing my inner dork by drawing a ducktales universe o.c. No name yet.

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fun fact: i fucking idolized john maynard keynes when i was in high school because he was the most leftist economist I had been taught about and also he was bisexual

this got to the point of making fan art. seriously. I made this in 2010 in GIMP

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