@BalooUriza hard for me to tell bc i went on an antidepressant and adhd meds at the same time

@BalooUriza @realmaxkeeble aaahhh ok, I was confused. I wasn't matching up with essentially any of these 😛

@MadestMadness Meanwhile the whole thing was recognizable as like, baseline normal for me.

@BalooUriza @realmaxkeeble sorry to jump in randomly but actually that sounds a heck of a lot like standard rejection sensitive dysphoria, which is most definitely an ADHD thing

ofc you'll experience it w/ depression too, but like. just putting that out there

@BalooUriza @realmaxkeeble

It's definitely fitting for ADHD and maybe fitting to severe cases of depression, but I am having problems with calling this symptoms of depression.

I have diagnosed with a severe case of ADHD (-PI subtype) in my 30s, it's my so calling out to my brain without ADHD medication. I also have so many undiagnosed friends who show these kind of issues.

@realmaxkeeble Every one of these happens to me all the time. The worst is whether or not I locked the door. I have gone back to double check, then triple check, adding ten minutes to my trip, because I was thinking of something else the first two times I checked.

Oh come ON fren :blobfrowningbig:

If you're gonna call me out this badly at least @ me. :blobwink:

OCR Output (chars: 1146) 

@realmaxkeeble i feel a lot of these but especially 6
i just had to return something to an online store because it was defective and the entire time i was taking the box to fedex i was thinking "did i remember to put the thing in the box? maybe i should check"
there was a 0% chance i forgot to put the thing in the box but, y'know, maybe i forgot to put the thing in the box

@realmaxkeeble i dont understand the gothic reference? Like writing style?? Bc thats not how it's reading to me. It's just like,,,what living with adhd is like? Unmedicated, at least (ive never medicated for mine, but Ive heard it's good)

@realmaxkeeble I did all of these multiple times today

except the first one, but that's because I'm not into movies

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@realmaxkeeble #1 is me and @redcosmonaut hanging out and #2 is me losing my wallet on the bus three times in six weeks

@realmaxkeeble i know lots of people have said this already but goddamn this hits hard lmao

@realmaxkeeble 2,3,5,7,8 are hard relates

I actually tunnel vision focusing on movies though
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