The reason I generally don’t personally comment on the sex pests/other stuff unfairly brushed off as “drama” is that I have no illusion that there’s any way me commenting is gonna help. I will signal boost people whose voices need heard and distance myself from abusers/racists/what have you, but nobody’s reaction to any of this stuff should be “gee, I wonder what Max Keeble’s take on this is”

Hey, one of the pests alluded to in this post favorited it! Way to 100% get the point of what I'm saying

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@realmaxkeeble I have a lot of experience in online communities where the big thought leaders WOULD weigh in and It made everything way worse and theyd use real pain and trauma as mere points in discourse dwbates

meta, sa 

@wintgenstein exactly. this isn't fucking CNN. We shouldn't view ourselves as mini David Axelrods asked to comment on the polling consequences of allegations of abuse against a politician

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