the funniest part about the Pagliacci joke is that in italian "Pagliacci" means "clowns". plural. This clown named himself clowns

the second funniest part about the Pagliacci joke is that the doctor is abysmal. Imagine seeing this dude:

YOU: I have depression

DOCTOR: I dunno, go see a fuckin clown or something

Also, I just realized: how did Pagliacci not start the Doctor's appt by telling the doctor his name? The doctor just walked in, not checking the chart, at some dude who waltzed in and was just like "oh hey, what's your deal"

@KT in this case yes, but the joke changed over time. originally the clown in the joke was a famous clown in the early 19th century called Grimaldi. Grimaldi was both his last name and his clown name so the construction of the joke is still odd

@realmaxkeeble what kind of sick maniac uses their clown name as their legal name

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