In may 2017 I was in miami international airport standing by the gate ready for a flight to new york. There was this dude standing near me that looked SO familiar and I couldn't put my finger on who it was

He caught me staring after like 2 seconds and locked eyes with me and that's when i realized the dude was jeb bush

Imagine being jeb then. a year and a half ago you were the frontrunner. now some guy is staring at you trying to remember who, exactly you were

@realmaxkeeble I had a similar experience with Norm Coleman (the guy who lost to Franken) on the Metro once and I was trying to figure out who he was and I think I said “his teeth!” a little too loud.

He has real big teeth.

@boisdevache no, I kinda didn't know how to react. seeing him is like that old PFT standup routine about when Fabio walked into the store he was working at--the situation is so by definition ridiculous that there's no telling exactly what you'll do

@realmaxkeeble incredible.

Once I saw Bernie Sanders at Oakland international and I yelled "BERN!" and he looked back but didn't wave of anything lmao

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