They sell posts by the bushel out in town, papa! Couldn’t we *please* just get into the wagon and take the two hour trip?


my child! you must learn the simple satisfaction of growing posts by hand! slowly and with hard work. that is our way.

now fetch a bucket and come with me to the meme well. we must tend to the field of bottom text!

@jackdaw_ruiz yes’m, papa. It’s just so hard out here living on the edge of the prairie in what’s implied to be the mid 19th century

@jackdaw_ruiz you know what they have in town, papa? Hoarhound! Molasses treats! But I’ve saved up a whole half dollar so I can get a whole bushel of fresh posts


ahh, when i was your age i also speculated about just what time period we exist in!

you'll put such thoughts out of your head just long enough for the camera to pull back and reveal we're actually in space, or whatever the heck passes for a C+ episode of Black Mirror these days.

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