I kinda wanna write a thing about the whiteness of vaporwave which is hard to do because its so so anonymous

but you've got people like yung bae who are pretty open right-leaning assholes, and the whole aspect that vaporwave is a lot less interesting musically if you'd been paying attention to hip hop, like, at all, and in particular chopped and screwed music

early vaporwave was pretty explicitly anti capitalist. it was distributed for free exclusively online and was largely made by either LGBT people, people in contemporary art circles, or both

as time went on the anti-capitalist themes of vaporwave faded away, it became increasingly made by mediocre white men, and it became less about challenging the aesthetic and more about bathing in it

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"Exclusively online," btw, is an important aspect of vaporwave distribution that the rise of cassettes fundamentally disturbed at the very least.

I would argue the introduction of physical media into vaporwave was 95% negative as it just allowed for cynical people who wanted profit to come in along with collector-types who want to take something INTENTIONALLY ephemeral like vaporwave and buy it, bottle it, and save it forever

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@radoptimist I'm not sure it died, but something certainly changed in January 2013. this song comes out and invents a couple of vaporwave subgenres all at once

the irony dropped off a bit, see
this isn't so much an ironic indictment of 90s hypercapitalism as it is a kind of celebration of it

@realmaxkeeble @radoptimist And so, the hippies gave way to hipsters, no longer pushing back, but rather letting their hands sink into the system and rubbing it all over their bodies. It just happened so much more quickly with vaporwave :( -Katie

wait what? how does being LGBT or from the contemporary artworld context make you anti-capitalist by default?

@rhmb @realmaxkeeble can't speak for Max but I don't think "either LGBT or from the contemporary art world" is supposed to be read as the cause of the anti-capitalism! early vaporwave is a parody of pie-in-the-sky dot-com boom capitalist promises about the future, and what those promises eventually actually returned on the Internet

I've been thinking about how to put this for a while and you put it super elegantly

Oof if you don't like that I got bad news about cyberpunk in general


I'd honestly read this take. You should throw toss it at The Establishment.

Please do.

Watching the rise & fall of vaporwave has been a trip & all the discussion I can find is on the aesthetics.

@realmaxkeeble I think DownTheRabbitHole did an educational video on vaporwave.

@realmaxkeeble if one wants to see the whiteness of vaporwave in action, one must only look to the Instagram pages of #FloridaWhiteGirls

@realmaxkeeble speaking as someone who likes vaporwave, i feel like half of it is just taking an entire song and re-playing it edited with compression/distortion and pitch changes. that's it. like sometimes i just go straight to the sample source and listen to that instead because it's better lol. and i have a feeling the ones who do that are probably the kind of right-wing white dudes you're talking about.

@splendens the change in context of the flips is enough to make me not really annoyed of the samples, imo. my issue comes in the tonal shift between earlier and later stuff

what's particularly interesting to me is the rise of future funk and particularly its more weebish side, caked in nostalgia for the 80s and 90s

@realmaxkeeble @splendens one of my favorite albums of all time is future funk, and the only reason I like it is because it was very clearly made by a queer person who understands the debt The Aesthetic has to gay club music of the 80s/90s

@realmaxkeeble @splendens this can be applied to edm in general, come to think of it. early house was created by largely black and brown working-class bedroom producers and gained popularity in largely black, brown, and queer spaces

@polymur @splendens yes, yes 100% this. the liberatory mood of early chicago house is very different than what was created later

@realmaxkeeble basically the whole dream catalogue scene was edgy white lads it was painfully obvious

@realmaxkeeble remember when hke pretended to be a ukrainian girl online for dream catalogue edgeclout?

@realmaxkeeble honestly I completely missed Vaperwave (I've missed a lot, music taste can be a tad ecentric). does anyone have a recommendation?

@whiskeysailor Depends on what sort of sounds you're into. "Vaporwave" is kind of an anti-genre, it kind of lumps like, disco revival, chopped and screwed hip hop stuff, abstract trap and sound collage into one big umbrella

I can give a few suggestions but they all sound very different

@polymur I mean I'll listen to anything (at least once) so I'll take any recommendations

@whiskeysailor i know it's a meme album but floral shoppe is as good a place to start as any. you have to listen all the way through, the beginning and ending tracks are nothing like the ones in the middle

@realmaxkeeble there's writing that claims its a fascist movement but I don't buy it

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