the funniest part about the Pagliacci joke is that in italian "Pagliacci" means "clowns". plural. This clown named himself clowns


the second funniest part about the Pagliacci joke is that the doctor is abysmal. Imagine seeing this dude:

YOU: I have depression

DOCTOR: I dunno, go see a fuckin clown or something

Also, I just realized: how did Pagliacci not start the Doctor's appt by telling the doctor his name? The doctor just walked in, not checking the chart, at some dude who waltzed in and was just like "oh hey, what's your deal"

@realmaxkeeble they’re telling someone with depression to see a clown it’s like they want them to commit suicide

@realmaxkeeble if the guy's insurance only covers clowns i'm sending him to a clown okay that's how it goes

@caltissue During the day it's Irwin J. "Irv" Pagliacci, attorney at law

@realmaxkeeble What kind of fucked up maniac uses their legal name as their clown name

You gotta protect your family


I assumed the joke was literally from when "doctor" was that guy with the bird mask on who would bleed you for a few pieces of silver

like, what time period were they having clowns with one-person shows exactly? I thought it was then but maybe none of this joke holds up

(or...or I suppose Pagliacci could have been a somewhat common name those days. "Go see Bruce Willis in Armageddon, Mr. Willis." "But doctor, *I AM BRUCE WILLIS*", etc.)

@sydneyfalk @realmaxkeeble oh, a world where "clowns" is a commonly used name. cursed

"hi im David S. Clowns, any questions"

I could see it if he performed under a pseudonym, but I first heard this joke in reference to Joseph Grimaldi, which is... yeah, it doesn't make sense at all.

@deadbounce @realmaxkeeble

maybe the name Grimaldi was more prevalent at the time in the area? or if he was in an area where he was less well known?

other than that, I got nothing

"Oh, you're CLOWN Joe Grimaldi! I thought you were funeral director Joe Grimaldi. That dude's always in a good mood."

@realmaxkeeble ... okay, so i've always assumed pagliacci was a stage name, so that part maybe makes sense, but...


honestly i've also kinda always assumed the great clown pagliacci was actually 3 smaller clowns in a trench coat.

🤡 🤔


*flashbacks to Super Mario Odyssey of the sad guy in New Donk City who gives Mario a moon if he's dressed as a clown*

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