Earnest :

Call me Max (not my real name but w/e). Queer polyam South Florida leftist, 25. Former College Radio music director.

Raised in the helltown of Celebration, FL (yes, really) so I know what it's like to grow up in a cult.

I run a music blog, am trying to learn guitar, and earnestly love Taco Bell. I visit the art museum at least monthly.

I ❤️ music and am always down to talk about it / give recommendations. Lets follow each other!

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@realmaxkeeble even if you arent the real Max Keeble i have a lot to say about the disney channel made for tv movie Full Court Miracle

@realmaxkeeble its just one of my favorite goofy movies.... takes the obscure concept of jewish private primary school basketball team and runs with it. the entire movie becomes a parable for Hannukah and its a fantastic out-of-left field campy disney channel experience

@realmaxkeeble the movies climax is a tied game where the auxiliary generator runs for 8 more minutes than expected and wins the underdog Jews their game

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