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Earnest :

Call me Max (not my real name but w/e). Queer polyam South Florida leftist, 25. Former College Radio music director.

Raised in the helltown of Celebration, FL (yes, really) so I know what it's like to grow up in a cult.

I run a music blog, am trying to learn guitar, and earnestly love Taco Bell. I visit the art museum at least monthly.

I ❤️ music and am always down to talk about it / give recommendations. Lets follow each other!

hey folks i'll be moving over to my alt at @garfiald in the near future. follow me there!

inside your mind is a good song by british pop rock band the 1975

adorno on anti-semitism, animal cruelty, genocide Show more

@realmaxkeeble oh, and if any of them come with a dipping sauce that isn't ranch I want to substitute ranch. So if there's usually four sauces, I will need four cups of ranch

@realmaxkeeble ok, I want a big plate that has all of them, but only if it's called something like the sampler platter and not the cardiac plate or anything mildly clever like that

@realmaxkeeble hey, what appetizers do you have that get dumped from a freezer bag directly into the fryer basket so they reach the table without ever having known the touch of a human hand?

yeah, uhhhhh, fuuuckin can i get aaaa, just a can of campbells i think, whatever's first on the shelf

@realmaxkeeble elbow macaroni with ground beef in a jar of prego, with kraft grated parmesan on top

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do we have the same seaweed salad as every sushi restaurant? yes. do we serve serviceable calamari AND clam chowder? yup. We even have passable biscuits

here at Perfectly Average Foods we've got a Caesar that's nothing to write home about, but good. We also serve the standard Cisco chocolate cake every restaurant has that's nonetheless pretty good

welcome to Perfectly Average Foods. What would you like to eat

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