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Earnest :

Call me Max (not my real name but w/e). Queer polyam South Florida leftist, 25. Former College Radio music director.

Raised in the helltown of Celebration, FL (yes, really) so I know what it's like to grow up in a cult.

I run a music blog, am trying to learn guitar, and earnestly love Taco Bell. I visit the art museum at least monthly.

I ❤️ music and am always down to talk about it / give recommendations. Lets follow each other!

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can't wait to do my first business travel next month and turn into the business guy whose every conversation is over the same canape platter in the convention center of a courtyard by Marriott in the outer outer ring suburbs with their peers about how shitty our respective flights were

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mastodon is crumbling purely because of my shitty posts. sorry, all

a lucy thread with well researched takes on the intricacies of particular revolutions: not political analysis

20 million libbos thanking a personal hygiene product corporation for being woke: political analysis

@realmaxkeeble @selontheweb BossBot makes me think of HedonismBot, in that they're both created to partake in human pleasures that humans actually find disgusting

lol guys

i just finished an interview and got an offer to be a part-time lecturer in physics at Rutgers. I'm a junior

@realmaxkeeble incredible.

Once I saw Bernie Sanders at Oakland international and I yelled "BERN!" and he looked back but didn't wave of anything lmao

@realmaxkeeble I had a similar experience with Norm Coleman (the guy who lost to Franken) on the Metro once and I was trying to figure out who he was and I think I said “his teeth!” a little too loud.

He has real big teeth.

In may 2017 I was in miami international airport standing by the gate ready for a flight to new york. There was this dude standing near me that looked SO familiar and I couldn't put my finger on who it was

He caught me staring after like 2 seconds and locked eyes with me and that's when i realized the dude was jeb bush

Imagine being jeb then. a year and a half ago you were the frontrunner. now some guy is staring at you trying to remember who, exactly you were

@realmaxkeeble neo-feudalism baybeeeee accept your place and things get so much easier :^)

i will say the cool thing about working in a liberal startup with a hip culture is that they use my pronouns.

the less cool thing is that people talk about their fav west wing szn in meetings

just got told that this is a "marathon and not a sprint- check in with yourself."

y'all ever heard of self-care

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