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Earnest :

Call me Max (not my real name but w/e). Queer polyam South Florida leftist, 25. Former College Radio music director.

Raised in the helltown of Celebration, FL (yes, really) so I know what it's like to grow up in a cult.

I run a music blog, am trying to learn guitar, and earnestly love Taco Bell. I visit the art museum at least monthly.

I ❤️ music and am always down to talk about it / give recommendations. Lets follow each other!

my HAIR is FRIZZY because im a PROUD FLORIDIAN goddamnit

muuuuuuuuuuuuusical guest: fitz and the tantrums! And your host: the floating eyes of dr. tj ekleburg! ladies and gentlemen, the floating eyes of dr. tj ekleburgggggggggggggggg

that's a common misconception, dexter was the name of the laboratory


would enjoy seeing all of the snl cast shitting themselves to death

i cant tell you how refreshing it is to play an open world game and not have to climb some bullshit tower and get a grocery list of boring meaningless crap to do

the only city whose public water rivals it is rome.

(fun facts:
-roman water fountains are literally fountains!
-the water is often still delivered by aqueduct.
-even something as extravagant as the trevi fountain has a part you can drink from.
-if not consumed, the water is absorbed back into the ground. the sandy soil acts as a natural filter before it goes back into the aquifer

every time I drink the tap water here in nyc im just BLOWN AWAY by how good it tastes

despite everything, art angels is still an absolutely amazing album

ever since I moved out for college, from the very first dorm I ever lived in at 18, I've always lived within earshot of an elevated train. i still do to this day. i love hearing it rumble by. its very very comforting

saying dag nabbit as my home is destroyed by men with axes

farting in an empty apartment--not mine--just to prove a point

I think the best thing I could get fired for would be my posting

i am a prisoner in my own house waiting for a package I have to sign

children teaching me about vape technique i close my eyes and pray for divine salvation

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