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Earnest :

Call me Max (not my real name but w/e). Queer polyam South Florida leftist, 25. Former College Radio music director.

Raised in the helltown of Celebration, FL (yes, really) so I know what it's like to grow up in a cult.

I run a music blog, am trying to learn guitar, and earnestly love Taco Bell. I visit the art museum at least monthly.

I ❤️ music and am always down to talk about it / give recommendations. Lets follow each other!

Oh you thought slime was just an October-December thing on this site didn’t you. Well you thought wrong. Slime is forever

When a mutual posted a selfie and you realize they’re hot

how big was jimmy neutron's penis. boost for big, fav for small

new gogurt flavors Show more

new gogurt flavors Show more

i wish i lived next to my internet friends


this video still exists and is one of the best things on youtube and I can't explain why

i take it back i can't be mean you're all lovely

@MrJimmy are you gonna stream more ducktales at some point

so wild to me that the gay poly subtext in the three caballeros is likely unintentional. C'mon. look at donald's eyes. nobody has ever looked at me the way donald and jose are looking at panchito. the 40s were wild

Jose Carioca is half the man I aspire to be and half the man I want to whisk me off my feet and take me on an adventure

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