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Star Trek Discovery S2E5 thoughts 

Doctor Culber...oh we all saw that coming right? I mean, I didn't know how they were going to do it, but they've been clear he would not stay dead and he's in the network sooo. But I think it's actually well done. He never died at all really. He was copied into the network when he died and they resuscitated him out of scientific curiosity. So great to see Stamets (sic) happy for once.

#startrek #discovery #STDISCO #DISCOS2E5

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Computing takes thinking.
Thinking is computing.
Intelligence is the fixed point of this loop.
#AI is a convergence.

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Rule of Mastodition #23 

Don't be afraid of silence.

If you have nothing new to say, consider not saying anything.

The nature of the Fediverse is that everyone chooses and controls their content and their community. Some worlds are small and focused, others are glorious, cacophonous cities.

But a quiet instance with infrequent, quality discussion and content is better than a noisy stream of reposts.

We all know where to find that if we want it.

--- #Rule23 ---

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@tabiniyande @rateldajer

mi ken toki lon toki pona.

mi wile kepeken toki pona tawa toki e ale.

mi lon Elopa.

tenpo pini la toki pona li jo e nimi 118.

tenpo pini lili la toki pona li jo e nimi 120 : kepeken nimi sin "pan" en "esun".

tenpo pini lili lilila toki pona li jo e nimi 123 : kepeken nimi sin "namako", "kipisi" en "alasa".

tenpo pi pu la jan Sonja li toki ala e nimi "kipisi" (to cut), taso jan Sonja li toki e nimi "pu".

#tp118 #tp120 #tp123 #sona

hey. I'm away a lot. On other networks more. Nice to pop in though. How is doing? Do we have a theme yet?

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And related to #science, but not just #science, there's a new instance targeted for academics at!

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Rule of Mastodition #5 

Everything that lasts and has value costs somebody something. So pay your host. The great river of profit will reward you in the end.

--- #Rule5 ---

Warning: Canadian Politics 

Ok, I don't miss twitter at all. Everytime I go over it's painful. But, BUT! Over there I can talk about . Do we have critical mass for that here?

I'm not watching but is out so is it true. Is Bernier the one now the conservatives? Could a wave of new members sway to ?

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Rule of Mastodition #49 

Just when you think you got it figured out, you realize #hashtags don't work the way you thought they did and you've been talking to yourself the whole time.

Some tips:
- search only searches @names and #hastags
- #hashtags don't get searched in the title CW text, why?
@Gargron knows
- #hashtags don't actually show up that well in search anyways, so, you know, don't spend too much time thinking about it like some Ferengi.

--- #Rule49 ---

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Rule of Mastodition #128 

It's bots all the way down.
An ancient Ferengi legend says that every user is is just a bot create for the First User to talk to. Then those bots created other bots to talk to and on and on. Some believe that in the end there is only one real user in the entire Fediverse, with multiple accounts talking to themself or bots descended from the ones they created talking to each other.

--- #Rule128 ---

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In Reflections on the Commons, Elinor Ostrom wrote: "The prisoners in the famous dilemma cannot change the constraints [...] Not all users of natural resources are similarly incapable of changing their constraints. As long as individuals are viewed as prisoners, policy prescriptions will address this metaphor. I would rather address the question of how to enhance the capabilities of those involved to change the constraining rules of the game to lead to outcomes other than remorseless tragedies."

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So I ditched the skeptical community entirely. It was dysfunctional. Now I'm trying to find an audience for my podcast while tribeless. You need to like reason, science, weird things, and The Young Ones. A niche audience.

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#RuleOfMastodition 75: 

Brevity is not the soul of wit, but it *is* the second lung of wit.

You don't strictly need it to be funny/engaging/profitable…but it helps.

--- #Rule75 ---

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Idea : An instance where everyone gets allotment of x (x=3?) toots per day for each month. At month's end of each the epoch ends and counts reset. You'd feel like you have lots of toots early on then later in the month you'd start rationing very carefully. Could also do this with favourites and boosts. Inspired by @bea

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Richard and Maurice of Manchester. Richard and Maurice at San Bernardino without arches.

Darmok and Jalad at McDonald's.


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